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The Challenge:
In the fall of 2012, London Stoneworks, a Chicago-area landscaper focusing on high-quality, custom residential work with an emphasis on hardscape and construction, was contracted to build a 330-square-foot, full-range, natural cleft bluestone patio in the back yard of a residence in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Plans were drawn up, stone was purchased and construction began in the spring of 2013.

Halfway through the project, the client pointed out to Roger Essex, owner of London Stoneworks, that there was a flowering tree that was to going to hang out over the new patio and would eventually produce berries that would stain the bluestone pavers. Since Roger had initially scoped out the project in the fall, when the tree didn’t have any leaves, he hadn’t noticed it on his original site visits. Roger now had a serious issue on his hands. With the bluestone already onsite and partially installed, changing out the pavers for a darker stone that would not show the berry stains was not a viable option. The only option was to somehow protect the stone from staining.

After some initial research of his own, Roger decided to reach out to his landscape supply company representative, Marc Kwapinski of Lurvey Landscape Supply, to see if there was anything he could recommend. Since the client had specifically selected the bluestone for its look, Roger wanted a solution that would effectively seal the stone and protect it from stains, but without diminishing the stone’s natural look.

The Solution:  
Marc knew immediately that he had the right solution for Roger. DuPont had just launched a new line of advanced hardscape aftercare products, called DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™, which included Color Enriching Sealers that were specifically designed to seal and protect outdoor stone surfaces while enhancing the stone’s appearance. Marc recommended the product to Roger and provided him with a sample piece of a bluestone paver coated with various finish options of DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ that he could take back to the client.  

“In our own testing of the DuPont product, we knew that we had a superior solution that would perfectly address Roger’s issue,” said Marc Kwapinski. “It felt good to be able to provide Roger with a proven solution to effectively seal and protect the stone so that he could successfully complete the project.”

“It was very helpful to be able to show the client the sample of their actual bluestone pavers coated with the no gloss, semi-gloss and glossy options so that they could be a part of that selection process,” said Roger Essex. “Before Marc introduced me to the DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ products, I’m not sure if I knew of any other solution out there that would have provided the kind of stain protection my client needed while keeping the natural look of their selected stone.”

Liking the way it gave a slightly wet look to the stone, the client ended up selecting the DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ Premium Semi Gloss Color Enriching Sealer.

Application was simple. Once installation was complete, Roger’s team simply rolled on the DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ product – going back over any tricky areas with a brush. “The Paver Armor Pro™ product was very easy to work with,” said Essex. “It didn’t puddle like other products and because it is water-based it dried very quickly. We were able to apply two coats on the same day.”

The Results:
PROTECTING PAVERS FROM STAINS“DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ completely protected my client’s bluestone pavers,” said Essex. “Even after berry season, there were no stains. Since then, I’ve gone on to use the DuPont™ Paver Armor Pro™ products on several other projects – all with great results. It’s definitely a product I would recommend.”

London Stoneworks, LLC, is a Chicago area landscaper focusing on high-quality, custom residential work with an emphasis on hardscape and construction. The company provides exceptional craftsmanship, specializing in natural stone installations such as patios, walkways, entryways, outdoor kitchens and garden walls.

Since 1978, Lurvey Landscape Supply and Garden Center has grown to be one of the nation's premier Landscape Distribution Centers with operations in Des Plaines & Volo, Ill., and Whitewater, Wis. As a company, Lurvey is dedicated to helping people improve their outdoor surroundings by providing quality landscape products and exceptional customer service.

Paver Armor Pro™, from the makers of DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional, is an advanced line of hardscapes products built with pros in mind. Paver Armor Pro™ products provide superior performance, backed by the same technology that protects the most sensitive natural stone—brought to you by DuPont, a brand you trust with a history of science-based innovation.


Important Tips for Extending the Life of Your Outdoor Pavers

Paver Armor Pro™

Paver Armor Pro™ products make it simple to choose the right product for your job with three easy categories:

  • Color Enriching Sealers—Products that enhance + protect. Add a “wet look” with or without a gloss finish to pavers and masonry surfaces.

  • Natural Look Sealers—Penetrating sealers that provide an invisible barrier of protection and do not change the appearance of pavers and masonry surfaces.

  • Cleaners—Products that meet everyday outdoor cleanings needs and tough cleaning jobs such as removing efflorescence, rust and oil.

For more information on caring for your natural stone, visit www.paverarmorpro.com.

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