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October 2008

New Products

Anver Corporation
Hudson, Mass.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Anver Corp.'s compact high-capacity E4000M16 Vacuum Lifter for steel, stone, granite and similar heavy lifting applications requires a small footprint. Its all-welded steel construction has double spring suspensions for equally forcing each of the eight square vacuum pads onto the load and accommodating variations in the load surface. Featuring a 40,000-pound capacity with an 8- X 10-foot footprint, the lifter has remote controls that can be fully integrated with an overhead crane. For more information, visit www.anver.com.

Elliott Equipment Company
Omaha, Neb.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Elliott Equipment Co.'s 40-ton capacity BoomTruck has 105 feet of powered main boom and a 115-foot tip height. A tractor mount configuration is available, and there is a glide swing operation for smooth, precise rotation. The truck has a "FrictionFree" jib extension for easy jib deployment and stowage, and a Load Moment Indicator system for safe boom operation. Operator amenities include cupholders and a 12-volt cell phone charger. For more information, visit www.elliottequip.com.

Foundation Software

Information about the Masonry Industry

Foundation Software's comprehensive reporting module, the Executive Dashboard, features colorful charts and easy-to-read graphs. The Executive Dashboard allows users to quickly view and analyze high-level data, and then effortlessly drill down into additional reports for more detailed information. Users will now be able to see on one screen a summary of their latest job costs, accounts payables, accounts receivables and other financial data. The dashboard also features a scrolling ticker showing key aggregate data. For more information, visit www.foundationsoft.com.

Lawrence, Kan.

Information about the Masonry Industry

PROSOCO, manufacturer of Sure Klean Weatherseal Siloxane PD, Blok Guard & Graffiti Control II, Consolideck Saltguard WB, and LS (lithium silicate) hardener/densifier for concrete floors, has a new bag-in-a-box system. The system is a mixed-plastic bladder inside a double-walled corrugated cardboard box (a five-gallon version). The cardboard box, which is 93 percent of the packaging, is completely recyclable. The bladder, while not currently recyclable, drains completely enough to meet Resource Conservation and Recovery Act standards to be disposed of without rinsing — a time-saver at the job site. For more information, email gary.henry@prosoco.com.

Sellick Equipment Limited
Harrow, Ontario, Canada

Information about the Masonry Industry

Sellick Equipment Limited's S160-4 forklift has four-wheel drive and four equally sized wheels. By steering both axles, the S160-4 has a tight turning radius of 150 inches. It is powered by the Dieselmax 444 Turbocharged Tier III diesel engine, producing 114 hp, and is coupled to a fully automatic power-shift transmission for efficient operation. Axles feature enclosed wet disc brakes for extended life. Options include full cab, air conditioning, side shift and fork positioning carriages, and a variety of lift heights and fork lengths. For more information, visit www.sellickequipment.com.

The Grout Grabber Company

Information about the Masonry Industry

The Grout Grabber Co. has developed the Grout Grabber, a tool that removes grout rapidly without damaging tile or creating a lot of dust. The Grout Grabber gives you the flexibility and the power of a custom tool at an affordable price. The tool removes sanded grout with ease and accommodates any joint size, ranging from 1/8 inch up to 1/2 inch, by simply adding or subtracting replacement blades. The blade's unique, curved bottom easily gets the removal started. For more information, visit www.groutgrabber.com.

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