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May 2008

New Products

C.H. Hanson
Naperville, Ill.

Information about the Masonry Industry

C.H. Hanson's Chalk Hog 100 uses less chalk by providing cleaner and sharper lines, due to its built-in cleaning pad and a high-density, poly-braided line that resists fraying and breakage. Four- or eight-ounce chalk bottles can be directly mounted into the chalk reel. It comes equipped with a built-in pencil sharpener and End-Mate, a line hook with added gripping power and a swivel to easily snap straight or angled lines. For fast fixes, Chalk Hog 100 has a one-screw maintenance bay. For more information, visit www.chhanson.com.

Power Fasteners Inc.
Brewster, N.Y.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Powers Fasteners Inc.'s Power-Stud+SD2 carbon steel bolt is one of the industry's first mechanical anchors to meet the new, more stringent International Building Code. The Power-Stud+SD2 is a one-piece, fully threaded wedge anchor designed for concrete and other masonry applications. Because of its one-piece stainless steel clip design, the anchor has more holding power than the company's existing Power-Stud. For more information, visit www.powers.com.

Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution
Rochester, N.Y.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution's multi-purpose Work Box is intended as a means for material site clean up, transporting resources and lifting people as a work platform. It meets all ANSI standards for lifting personnel and is vastly larger and more durable than a conventional work platform. It is also much safer than homemade, wooden boxes built for material handling. For more information, call 888-787-4766.

Charlotte, N.C.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Sakrete's Paver Set Polymeric Sand is a high-performance joint sand for use with pavers in patios, walkways and drives. Just pour Paver Set from the bag, sweep it into the paver joints, and mist with a fine spray from a hose. It will harden to lock out weeds and bugs, and resist wash out. Polymeric Sand is made with special polymers that adhere to the joints as the material cures. This product has been developed in conjunction with Oldcastle Architectural Products. For more information, visit www.sakrete.com.

Superior Stone Equipment
Byron Center, Mich.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Superior's Force 6000 5-Axis CNC bridge saw has been designed for high production fabrication shops or shops that want to simplify their fabrication processes without the necessity of multiple machines. The Force 6000 uses technology that gives it capabilities more advanced than the traditional three-axis bridge saws. The Force 6000's 360-degree multifunctional, rotating head allows the machine to perform straight, radius and curved cuts simply and efficiently. For more information, visit www.superiorstoneproducts.com.

Zep Inc.

Information about the Masonry Industry

Zep Inc.'s Mudslide is ideal for removing large amounts of concrete in preparation for general maintenance. Mudslide dissolves concrete, lime, clay and mortar from ready-mix trucks, concrete pump trucks, concrete equipment, tools, floats and mixers. It works over time to convert concrete build-up that is less than six months old back to the "mud" state for easy removal. This 100 percent biodegradable organic concrete remover does not contain strong inorganic acids, phosphates or VOCs. For more information, visit www.zep.com.

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