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June 2008

Brick Show Wrap-up

BIA Brick Show 2008

The Brick Industry Association's Brick Show 2008 was held in April in San Antonio at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa. Attendance consisted of a hearty mix of the brick industry's most well-known, key professionals. During the grand opening reception, more than 20 companies had tabletop booth displays, and the room was thick with networking and talking shop. Masonry was on hand to snap some photos of a few attendees during the reception.

Masonry Industry Information

Jim Houseman, president, Harrop Industries Inc.; Jenny Houseman; Beverlee Houseman; Steve Houseman, VP, operations, Harrop Industries Inc.; show attendee; and Terry Schimmel, VP technical services, Boral Bricks Inc.

Masonry Industry Information

Ray Szkola, sales and marketing manager, Allied Tube & Conduit; and John Wilcox, sales and marketing manager, Ingal Products America Inc.

Masonry Industry Information

Dick Jennison, president and CEO of the BIA; and Mike Jenkins IV, CEO of Jenkins Brick Co.

Masonry Industry Information
Masonry Industry Information
Jennifer Morrell, editor of Masonry, and Stephen Sears, senior director of marketing and communications, BIA
Brian Trimble, senior director of engineering services and architectural outreach with the BIA; and Mary Ann Keon, EH&S director, Boral Bricks Inc.

Masonry Industry Information

Stan McCarth, VP of sales with ACME Brick; Mary Hockers; Mike Hockers, president, Hockers Brick & Tile Co. Inc.; Mary Lemond; and Bill Lemond; VP of sales, Acme Brick

Masonry Industry Information

Brian Belden, marketing manager, The Belden Brick Co.; Aimee Belden; and Brad Belden, corporate manager — occupational & regulatory services, The Belden Brick Co.

Masonry Industry Information

Steve Dean with PROSOCO Inc.; Harry Shafer Jr. with Keyria Inc.; and Christophe Aubertot, president, Keyria Inc.

Masonry Industry Information

Dick Green, president & CEO, General Shale Brick Inc. and immediate former chairman of the BIA; and Dennis Knautz, president and CEO of ACME Brick, and current chairman of the BIA

Masonry Industry Information

Jimmy Lawrence, area manager; Patrick Keenan, product manager; Wayne Self, area manager; and Tom Millwee, area manager; all with Moffett by Hiab Inc.

Masonry Industry Information

Christophe Aubertot, president of Keyria Inc.; and Terry Schimmel, VP technical services with Boral Bricks Inc.



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