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January 2015

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New and Improved Grout Grunt II

Grout Grunt
Livonia, Mich.

New and Improved Grout Grunt IIThe Grout Grunt and Grout Grunt II effectively and efficiently place mixed grout, or any other high density material, into CMU 50 percent faster than with conventional methods. The Grout Grunt II has a higher capacity, with a transfer up that holds 15 percent more material with each scoop. The Grout Grunt II also provides faster pours, and is lightweight, weighing only 2 pounds when empty, and about 50 pounds when full. The design is monolithic and easy-to-clean. It is made from one piece of plastic, so it is sturdy, rugged and durable. With the Grout Grunt and Grout Grunt II, grouting has become simple.

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