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February 2015

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High-performance Blades for AS170 Brick and Mortar SawHigh-performance Blades for AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw

Leominster, Mass.

Arbortech’s high-performance blades are available in both the general purpose and plunge styles for its AS170 brick and mortar saw. The improved carbide formula and tooth design, and the higher temperature brazing, allow for the blades to aggressively cut hard mortar while allowing the blades to stay sharper for a longer period. The blades are 50 percent faster than standard blades, allowing for increased cutting speeds. The AS170 brick and mortar saw’s patented cutting technology uses a unique, orbital cutting motion with two forward-facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and a cutting action, allowing the user to have clear visibility and the ability to accurately cut squarely and deeply.

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