Featured Product: Hammer Drill With Long-Lasting Motor PDF Print

Metabo Corp. introduces the SBE751 one-half-inch hammer drill.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 March 2012 20:50
Featured Product: AquaSol Acrylic Finish PDF Print

Parex has launched AquaSol, an acrylic finish with enhanced hydrophobic and photocatalytic technology.

Featured Product: Multi-LED Broad-Beam UV-A Lamp PDF Print

Spectronics Corp.’s TRITAN 365 is an ultra-high-intensity, multi-LED, broad-beam UV-A inspection lamp that is perfect for NDT applications.

Featured Product: Dust Control for Silica Dust PDF Print

Dust Control for Silica DustPoint-of-origin dust control for cement dust created by diamond cup wheels, crack chasers and tuck pointers is available for all angle sanders for only $24.95.

Featured Product: Speed Hawk PDF Print


Faster and easier than any other Hawk on the market, ECOLE introduces the Speed Hawk.

Featured Product: Quick Response Codes PDF Print


EDCO now connects with customers using Quick Response Codes (QR codes).

Featured Product: Next Generation of Cordless PDF Print

 Milwaukee Tool has introduced the M18 FUEL – an exclusive line of extreme-performance cordless power tools designed, engineered and built by Milwaukee to deliver unmatched productivity.

Featured Product: Skid Steer Pallet Fork PDF Print

 Worksaver Inc. is adding the SSPF-3748 Skid Steer Pallet Fork into its active product line.

Last Updated on Monday, 20 February 2012 18:33
Featured Product: MQ POWER tier 4i generator models PDF Print


MQ POWER tier 4i generator models
Carson, Calif.

MQ POWER tier 4i generator models Four generator models powered by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-compliant Tier4i engines are being shipped by Multiquip. These new MQ Power models are the DCA150SSC (150Kva), DCA180SSC (180Kva), DCA220SSC (220Kva) and DCA300SSC (300Kva). Each is equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to trap particulate matter, or soot, from the diesel engine exhaust. The self-cleaning design uses a regeneration process, manual or automatic, to burn off accumulated soot, once it reaches its factory set limit. The manual option allows the operator to select the best time to begin regeneration. Visual indicators and diagnostic troubleshooting are provided in the control panel to alert the operator.

Featured Product: ‘Next Generation’ Pump Truck PDF Print


‘Next Generation’ Pump Truck
Bethany, Conn.

‘Next Generation’ Pump TruckLATICRETE SUPERCAP has added the First Next Generation Mobile Blending Unit (MBU) to its fleet of pump trucks. The power of the pump has been combined with the next generation of self-leveling materials. The System has proven to be a time-saving, cost-effective method in finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs. LATICRETE SUPERCAP applicators use their pump trucks to blend and deliver problem-solving underlayment systems right to the jobsite. Pumping is done from ground level, and material is delivered quickly and efficiently, directly from the hose to the floor on large-scale surface preparation and remediation projects.

Featured Product: Jescraft Spreader Beam Moves Heavy Slabs PDF Print


Jescraft Spreader Beam Moves Heavy Slabs
Bogota, N.J.

Jescraft Spreader Beam Moves Heavy SlabsA spreader beam by Jescraft makes moving large slabs or heavy bundles around the yard or fabrication shop easier. Stone handlers now can use a forklift to move loads quickly and safely. Designed specifically for stone fabricators who need to transport material in and out of buildings or make tight turns in a crowded yard, Jescraft’s spreader beam features fork-access slots that provide a secure way of engaging and lifting the beam with a forklift, which is a more mobile and maneuverable alternative to hoisting with a stationary overhead crane. The beam also is ideal for loading and unloading containers.

Featured Product: EDCO Turbo Grinder Leveling Kit PDF Print


EDCO Turbo Grinder Leveling Kit
EDCO-Equipment Development Company Inc.
Frederick, Md.

EDCO Turbo Grinder Leveling KitNow available is the EDCO Turbo Grinder Leveling Kit. This modification ensures level grinding, regardless the height of accessories being used on EDCO’s 10” Turbo Grinders. The kit attaches to the machine’s rear axle and creates a multi-level grinding machine. Level grinding is more productive, quicker and easier on the operator. The Leveling Kit also is available on new TG-10 Grinders. EDCO’s 10” Turbo Grinders use a variety of accessories to quickly remove high spots, uneven joints, epoxy, urethane and other difficult coverings from concrete surfaces.

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