Greg Osterhout Receives 2023 David Fell Spirit of Service Award; Sam Arcot Named Natural Stone Institute Person of the Year

Words: Amy Oakley

Oberlin, OH, February 12, 2024—Greg Osterhout (Northern Stone Supply) has received the 2023 David Fell Spirit of Service Award.

Greg Osterhout has believed in the Gary Sinise Foundation’s R.I.S.E. program since the beginning of NSI’s involvement with the program. Under his leadership, Northern Stone Supply eagerly stepped up to support the R.I.S.E. program by donating natural stone to eleven home projects.

Karla Forest, Marketing Director at Northern Stone Supply, summarizes Greg’s involvement best: “Greg is honestly one of the most selfless, generous men I know and he chose the Gary Sinise Foundation’s R.I.S.E. program as our company’s charity of choice. Greg doesn’t skimp or cut corners on these projects. They get the very best we have to offer. Greg often expresses his gratitude for the sacrifice of our military, and he shows it in his actions.”

One of the projects Northern Stone Supply donated to required Greg and his staff to work tirelessly through evenings and weekends to ensure the chosen stone was available for the home. Greg went above and beyond to find trucking solutions so the stone could be transported to the job site on schedule.

In 2020, Greg served as the chair of the Natural Stone Institute’s R.I.S.E. Committee. His vision was the catalyst for growing the association’s involvement with the program. It is because of his tireless efforts as a leader for his company and our industry that this program has become so widely adopted and supported by NSI members.

The David Fell Spirit of Service Award is presented in memory of David Fell, President of BG Hoadley Quarries. David passed away in 2021, and his memory now lives on through this prestigious award. Presented to recognize a company or individual involved with the Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E. program, the award recipient demonstrates the qualities and characteristics of leadership within their organization, the community, and beyond. Learn more about the David Fell Spirit of Service Award at To learn how your company can get involved in future R.I.S.E. projects, please visit

Oberlin, OH, February 12, 2023—The Natural Stone Institute’s Person of the Year award is presented annually to an individual who has provided extensive support to the association’s executive team. As a dedicated leader and tireless volunteer, Sam Arcot of Rugo Stone is recognized as the 2023 Person of the Year.

With over twenty years of natural stone experience, fourteen of which have been with Rugo Stone, Sam’s involvement and dedicated service to the natural stone industry has grown steadily over the past decade. Today, he serves on the Natural Stone Institute board of directors and is a Natural Stone Foundation donor.

CEO Jim Hieb explains why Sam was this year’s choice. “Sam’s involvement the past two years has been incredible, serving as a champion for sustainability, extending the association’s relationships with other countries, and being a model advocate for NSI membership.”

More specifically, Sam has served as a key advocate in the development of the NSI statement on human rights, which states NSI’s position against any form of forced labor, including child labor. Sam’s advocacy in the human rights space greatly complements the sustainable work practices that exist through NSI’s third-party verified Natural Stone Sustainability Standard (ANSI/NSI 373) and the NSI Accreditation program.

Sam has previously shared: “There is a huge demand for responsibly sourced products, so it was important that NSI and the natural stone industry clearly communicate a strong position on this issue. I am proud to have played a role in helping NSI establish a statement and provide resources that the design community can turn to.”

In the past year, Sam has also led an effort to strengthen the association’s relationship with key trade associations and trade shows in his native country of India. Sam identified opportunities for NSI to develop relationships in India as strong as those that exist with other key stone-producing nations.

At industry trade shows, Sam’s ability to articulate the value of NSI membership has become a model for any volunteer leader. He has shared, “If you have a passion for the natural stone industry, you have to become a member. There is no better way to learn what is going on in the industry, receive key updates, and obtain valuable resources. The level of networking with industry peers is unrivaled.”

About the Natural Stone Institute

The Natural Stone Institute is a trade association representing every aspect of the natural stone industry. The current membership exceeds 2,000 members in over 50 nations. The association offers a wide array of technical and training resources, professional development opportunities, regulatory advocacy, and networking events. Two prominent publications—the Dimension Stone Design Manual and Building Stone Magazine—raise awareness within the natural stone industry and in the design community for best practices and uses of natural stone. Learn more at  

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