Welcome to the Masonry Alliance Program!

Words: Isa Stein

The MCAA is proud to welcome all of the Masonry Alliance Program partners as we kick off 2024. The Masonry Alliance Program (MAP) represents the MCAA's flagship partnership initiative, designed to strengthen the industry through collaboration with dedicated suppliers. 

Full Industry Immersion – Our Alliance Program leverages all facets of the MCAA to position you as a thought leader. It’s designed to facilitate meaningful relationships between you and industry stakeholders. 

Exclusivity – Items such as advertising, custom content development, event attendance and sponsorships, and access to the industry will no longer be available outside of this program

Reach Architects & Engineers – MASONRY DESIGN leverages MCAA’s relationships with over 25,000 in the architectural community to help share your message. This add-on is only available to companies at the Cornerstone, Platinum, and Gold tiers.

Give Back In A Big Way $1,500 from every Alliance Member’s involvement goes directly to The Masonry Foundation, a 501(c)(3) created to fund national industry-strengthening efforts.

$105,000 In Yearly Grants – At full capacity, our Alliance Program’s annual contribution will generate $105,000 in annual grant dollars given away that year. Effectively, it will double what the Foundation awards per year.

Membership in the MAP symbolizes a commitment reserved for companies that actively contribute to the advancement of the industry. The program is structured into four tiers: Cornerstone,  Platinum,  Gold, and Silver. This tiered approach reflects varying levels of commitment. Read what our inaugural Cornerstone Partners have to say below:


“We are thrilled to renew and advance our commitment to supporting and empowering the masonry industry as it continues to thrive and grow. Together with the MCAA, we are confident in the industry's strength and resilience, and look forward to a prosperous future filled with innovation and success for all of us in the masonry trade,” said Garen Graves, Amerimix Program Director.

“EZ Scaffold is proud of our over-30-year relationship with the MCAA. This affiliation has been invaluable to the success of our company through the years. The Masonry Alliance Program gives us another avenue to continue to increase our involvement and support of the MCAA and the industry. We’re excited to be a Cornerstone member in this new era of the association,” said Clint Bridges of EZ Scaffold.

“The MCAA has always offered us a tremendous return on our investment, but the Masonry Alliance Program makes it easier for us to budget and plan. By simplifying that side of our marketing and involvement, we look forward to really making an impact on the industry. We’re proud to come into the program as a Cornerstone Member,” said Steve Wheeler, Masonry Sales at EZG Manufacturing.

"We truly value our partnership with the MCAA,” said Steve Wobber, Director of Hydro Mobile. “We’re proud to continue our long-running support of the masonry industry and the MCAA through the new Masonry Alliance Program as a Cornerstone Member. It clearly offers the most benefits for us as a supplier to reach our core customers."

“Loot is tremendously excited to announce our partnership with the MCAA, a collaboration that underscores our commitment to providing fast and easy working capital to the businesses that are so vital to our economy. We look forward to delivering our unique customer centric and rewards based lending approach to all MCAA members,” said John Cain, CEO and Co-Founder of Loot.

“If you want to actually support what the MCAA does, this program is your chance. We think it’s a great program for suppliers to express their commitment to our fine association. Coming from both the mason contractor and supplier sides, we look forward to seeing what this will do for the industry as a whole,” said Justin Breithaupt Jr., Owner of Non-Stop Scaffolding.

“We are huge supporters of the MCAA, and jump at any opportunity to get more involved to benefit the industry in our areas of expertise related to our business units. We greatly appreciate this new approach to simplicity and exclusivity in our relationship with the industry,” said Jake Boyer, Clean & Protect Group Leader at PROSOCO.

“Working with the MCAA is fantastic! We are extremely excited to continue promoting SOLA levels through their organization. As a Cornerstone member of their Masonry Alliance Program, we have an expanded platform and greater opportunities to showcase our best-in-class SOLA levels. We could not be more excited to continue working with them,” said Jude Nosek, VP of Sales and Marketing at Keson/SOLA.

“SPEC MIX has always relied on the MCAA to drive the masonry industry forward. The MCAA positions the industry for growth and allows masonry to compete for market share. Through its various channels of communication and dissemination of information, it allows industry stakeholders to unite and work toward common goals. From product innovation and efficiency to trends and services for increased safety, the MCAA provides contractors and producers the opportunities to share knowledge. We’re proud to evolve our Strategic Partnership into the top Cornerstone Level of the Masonry Alliance Program! It’s a far more efficient, impactful way for SPEC MIX to connect with our masonry-minded friends and customers,” said Brian Carney, Vice President of SPEC MIX.

“The new Masonry Alliance Program makes a lot of sense from many different aspects. For STABILA, having the opportunity to claim a spot at the top is huge. We can’t wait to see what this program’s effect is on the industry as a whole, and look forward to a long future as a Cornerstone,” said Rich Morse, Director of Sales, North America at STABILA.

“We’ve spent the past two years working to build greater brand awareness and promote some of our mason-targeted initiatives as partners with the MCAA, and we’ve been impressed with the dedication of the entire MCAA team to maximizing our investment,” said Sarah Lograsso, Director of Marketing and Product Design for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions. “As we look toward next year and beyond, we are thrilled to continue this partnership.”




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