Masonry Gives Back: Hirschi Masonry


Words: MASONRY Magazine, Hirschi Masonry
Photos: Jessenia Abrego

Hirschi has three core values: Win Work. Achieve Results. Be fulfilled. Part of that fulfillment comes from serving the community. Throughout the year, Hirschi has continued to make a difference in the lives of many. The efforts in the industry do not go unnoticed. Hirschi partnered with Goodie Two Shoes, Fay Herron and McCall Elementary, and sponsored Construction vs. Cancer. 

Goodie Two Shoes

At Hirschi, we know the importance of supporting our local associations. As such, the Hirschi executive team sits on many boards that support the community and industry. Crystal Hirschi, the Executive VP and Co-Owner, was introduced to Goodie Two Shoes through one of our associations, the NSA (Nevada Subcontractors Association). From there, Hirschi team members attended the Gala for Goodie Two Shoes. The opportunity arose to fund a school and all the shoes needed. Hirschi raised their paddle and financed the event. 

Hirschi knows that greatness can be achieved one step at a time, so it is fitting that Hirschi partnered with Goodie Two Shoes, a nonprofit that provides shoes for students in Title I schools. According to their website, "The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation provides disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks, as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development." With so much support from the team, Hirschi not only sponsored the event but enrolled 50 team members to fit, size, and help each child pick a new pair of shoes.

In September, 419 children were equipped with a new pair of shoes, each sponsored and placed by the Hirschi team. One child from the event told a team member that he is often made fun of for his shoes by other classmates. He was thrilled to receive a new pair of shoes that were age-appropriate. In his words, he said, "Super Cool, I feel like a superhero; I bet I could jump to the moon." He had been wearing his grandpa's extra pair of shoes that were too big and dated. He spent the day proudly jumping as he felt he could do anything, like reaching the moon. Marilyn Monroe once said, "Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she'll conquer the world." This statement is true for all children, as each team member felt the confidence radiate in the smiles of each child. 

Fay Herron and McCall Elementary Schools

Hirschi prides themselves on onsite safety. They know the importance of keeping their team and customers safe. So when the city of North Las Vegas contacted Hirschi management with a safety need for two elementary schools, Hirschi rallied together and helped. Fay Herron and McCall Elementary needed green slates to provide safety from outside visitors walking by. These green slates offer a safe environment for children to be children without the outside influence of strangers.

"I once read that a child's development is like a blank, un-programmed computer from birth to age three... I would say this is true, but I feel that programming goes beyond the age of three and is part of the development into adulthood. That is why it is important to the Hirschi team and all others involved to keep our kids safe from verbal assault, inappropriate behaviors, and unwanted attention. Thank you to the staff who provided happiness, donuts, and lots of gratitude and the city representatives who came out to help: Councilwoman Ruth Garcia-Anderson and education initiatives manager Ingrid Johnson. We appreciate you," stated a social media post from Hirschi. 

It is important to continue to be vigilant in keeping our future safeguarded. That is why Hirschi jumped at the opportunity to be a part of curating the safety precautions taken at both elementary schools.

Construction vs. Cancer

Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death for children and adolescents ages 1-19 and the 2nd most common cause of death among children ages 1 to 14. John McLaury- Senior Vice President of Sales at KB Homes and Cancer Survivor, contacted Hirschi and asked about sponsorship for Construction vs. Cancer; it was an easy YES. The Hirschi team sponsored a booth with large Lego pieces for kids to play with the hope that as children build, they will know that cancer may destroy, but through community, love, and hope, they can rebuild from the destruction of cancer. 

Hirschi is in its fourth year as a sponsor for Construction vs Cancer, an event held yearly at the Silverton Hotel and Casino. According to their website, "Construction vs Cancer empowers individuals and companies to directly support research, education, advocacy, and services, as well as promote cancer prevention efforts that could reduce children's risk for cancer later in life." The event is held by the American Cancer Society in Las Vegas, and all proceeds are aimed at fighting against childhood cancer. Industry members from southern Nevada organized the event with booths, swag, games, and activities. Hirschi is in the department of building, whether it's building walls, communities, or people. Hirschi has loved the role they play at the event. This year, in 2023, ACS asked their Executive VP to sit on the board to help plan the event, and in 2024, she has been asked to be the Chair and oversee the event.

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