Glen-Gery Partners with HARMONIA NY to Launch 2023 Brick Styles Catalog during New York Fashion Week

Words: Isa Stein

On Wednesday, February 15th, Glen-Gery Corporation partnered with HARMONIA NY to launch the 2023 Brick Styles Catalog during New York Fashion Week. This event united fashion and architecture for an exclusive showcase at the Brickworks New York Design Studio in New York City.

Brick offers a duet of function and beauty, art and science with the elements of fashion, style and aesthetics transcending runways into our clothing, shoes and accessory choices, hair and makeup styles to home decor and the actual buildings in which we live, work and play.

The 2023 Brick Styles Catalog is a collection of the trending brick styles and new products for the year. The Brick Style Catalog features more than 450 brick products, including 29 new products, that are meant to stretch the imagination and unleash design potential. To view or order the Glen-Gery’s 2023 Brick Styles Catalog, visit  

The event began with a check-in and cocktail hour where industry supporters and leaders as well as fashion and style aficionados gathered to network. Shortly after, Mark Ellenor, Executive General Manager, Brickworks North America and Australia, welcomed everyone and the show began.

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During this time, HARMONIA NY showcased 14 high-fashion looks inspired by the 2023 Brick Styles Catalog and Glen-Gery’s diverse portfolio of designer bricks, including:

  • Pitt Cafe Series: Glen-Gery’s inaugural Brick Color of the Year which features a collection of soft, neutral-toned bricks inspired by 2023’s nature-inspired color and design trends that embody warmth, coziness and texture.
  • Altitude: The newest addition to Glen-Gery’s Aviator Series which consists of several distinct monochromatic tone bricks with sharp contrasts that resemble those of early aircraft and aviation equipment.
Glen-Gery Corporation
  • Blue Smooth Ironspot: A part of the Sioux City Blues Series, a range of dark blue-black, through-body bricks that makes any modern design a standout project. Varying weather and lighting brings out the inherent luster and sheen in each individual brick.
  • True Gray Series: These cool, neutral, gray-toned, through-body color bricks were flawlessly created for those who seek a simple yet edgy aesthetic.
  • Emporium+ Series: Natural light will bring out the luster of these lightly coated facebricks, available in wirecut and smooth finishes, and premium colors that add unrivaled quality and sophistication.
  • Metallix Series: With its depth of color, the Metallix range reflects light on finished brickwork, creating a satin metallic sheen that glimmers and sparks immediate interest.
  • Venetian Glass Brick: A range of brilliant, transparent, colored designer glass bricks inspired by the work of Venetian artisans.

Throughout the evening, there were many styles showcased on mannequins and models along with a showroom of hundreds of quality brick and stone products on display. After the show, attendees heard from Glen-Gery and HARMONIA NY about the show and products presented. 

Thank you to Glen-Gery for having our MCAA team attend this amazing showcase.

About Glen-Gery
Headquartered in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Glen-Gery Corporation is one of the largest brick and stone manufacturers in North America. Since 1890, Glen-Gery has built a reputation for its superior service and high-quality building products that meet both innovative design challenges and demanding construction specifications. Through technology advancements and product innovations, Glen-Gery offers a diverse, premium product portfolio of more than 600 brick and stone products that caters to the high-style needs of today’s architects, designers and homeowners. Operating as part of Brickworks North America, Glen-Gery has ten manufacturing facilities, 24 company-owned Supply Centers and three Design Studios, including Philadelphia, Baltimore and the global flagship location in New York City.

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