Glen-Gery Showcases New Brick Products Reflecting Latest Design Trends at the AIA Conference on Architecture & Design 2024 (AIA24)

Glen-Gery Corporation, a premier brick manufacturer that is part of Brickworks North America, will showcase the latest brick styles, colors and new products at the AIA Conference on Architecture & Design 2024 (AIA24) in Washington D.C. on June 5-8, 2024. 

Glen-Gery’s booth, located at #1537, will highlight its diverse, premium product portfolio of high-end, stylish bricks from several collections, including Klaycoat, Glazed, International, Molded and Brick Shapes, via an elevated brick chip wall and interactive displays. 

“We’re eager to return to the AIA Conference on Architecture & Design, where Glen-Gery will showcase our latest brick innovations, reflecting the cutting-edge trends in architectural design,” said Tim Leese, director of marketing at Glen-Gery. “Our new booth will feature a diverse array of brick styles and colors, highlighting the craftsmanship and versatility that define Glen-Gery products. From timeless classics to bold new designs, our brick offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of every project.”

New for 2024, Glen-Gery’s 2024 Brick Styles Catalog features more than 400 brick products, including:

NEW! Summit Series 
The Summit Series features long, linear molded bricks (3 ⅝” x 1 ⅝” x 17 ⅝”) to create a captivating yet rugged aesthetic while showcasing varied coloring. The interplay of earthy tones remains on trend yet offers design versatility that lends depth and character to building structures, while the uneven textures and molded edges provide a tactile experience. The line includes six shades: Rustique, Oyster Pointe, Sahara, Middle Plantation, King William and Royal Plum Full Range. 

NEW! Cityscape Series
In the heart of the city landscape, genuine clay brick pavers stand as enduring testaments to tradition, resilience and timeless elegance, transforming city streetscapes into vibrant, inviting corridors of heritage and beauty. With a rich palette of colors, including Liberty Copper, Plum Plaza and Empire Blue, the Cityscape Series of genuine clay brick pavers allow for endless customization while ensuring durability and strength against weathering and heavy foot traffic, making them ideal for driveways, walkways, patios and landscaping projects.

Blue Smooth Ironspot (2024 Brick Color of the Year)
Glen-Gery’s 2024 Brick Color of the Year, Blue Smooth Ironspot, is a dark, extruded face brick that not only exudes a sense of boldness but also shimmers and reflects light. Due to the growing popularity of darker bricks, Glen-Gery extended the line, offering more design possibilities with Blue Velour Ironspot, which has a subtly rougher texture. Both Blue Smooth Ironspot and Blue Velour Ironspot draw upon deep blue tones from nature, a trending theme in 2024.

Advanced Cladding Systems
Glen-Gery’s Advanced Cladding Systems revolutionize modern architecture and construction, offering versatile solutions beyond traditional brick. These systems empower designers, architects and builders by transcending space, time and budget constraints while simplifying installation. Within this innovative suite are:

  • Thin Tech, a metal panel support system for thin brick veneer, providing the warmth and durability of brick, and featuring patented support ties for mechanical interlocking.
  • Tru-Brix, which expands thin brick veneer design possibilities with its patented snap-in steel-rail design, accommodating various creative features while reducing the weight and construction time of full-sized brick.
  • Terraçade Ceramic Façade System, which combines practicality with aesthetics, simplifying design and installation processes while offering rainscreen performance, long-lasting vibrancy and compatibility with diverse architectural styles. 

Thin Brick
Thin brick combines striking aesthetics with impressive durability, making it suitable for both interior and exterior use where it can serve as a focal point. Offering a wide range of over 100 color options and available in various sizes and thicknesses, thin brick provides unparalleled design flexibility. By removing constraints and offering a versatile alternative to traditional brick, thin brick opens new possibilities for architects seeking innovative building materials.

Molded Brick and Custom Shapes
Design is in the details as Glen-Gery’s molded brick offers irregularly softened edges to build character and a sense of timelessness. The craft poured into each molded brick means that each one works in whatever space you need it to, whether it’s residential, industrial or commercial. With unique design details that can scale to meet large and small requests, this is brick capable of enhancing architecture both classic and modern, grand and understated.

Glen-Gery also offers custom brick shapes to meet the specific needs of any project, showcasing the creative versatility of brick in architectural design. These meticulously crafted shapes, including water tables, sills, copings, corners and arches, enhance the visual appeal and functionality of buildings. With a focus on precision and durability, Glen-Gery's skilled craftsmen can produce tailored brick shapes to accommodate even the most imaginative designs. While the process may be more time-intensive and require detailed drawings for approval, the resulting product is unparalleled in its uniqueness and aesthetic impact.


Design Channel
To learn more about Glen-Gery and explore design inspirational content curated for the architectural and design community, visit the Glen-Gery Design Channel, which features Glen-Gery’s podcast “Design Vault,” project case studies, educational blogs and more. 

To further provoke discussion and interest among architects and designers, Glen-Gery launched its first U.S. exclusive edition of Materiality, a publication that explores the use of bricks in contemporary architecture. This year’s edition, Materiality: Brick in contemporary university architecture, highlights how architects and designers are using brick in campus and community architectural projects across the United States. As with previous volumes, this latest publication offers case studies, illustrated technical essays, and rich photographs and drawings that provide a high-level view of how the architect and designer imagined and executed their project.


Rocky Ridge Brick Factory Tour
On Wednesday, June 5 from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., join Glen-Gery for an exclusive tour of its Rocky Ridge Brick Factory and witness the fascinating process of brick making from start to finish. This is a unique opportunity to explore the heart of Glen-Gery’s operations, learn about the craftsmanship behind its products, and see firsthand the blend of tradition and innovation that sets its brick apart. Those interested in attending can reach out to for more details and to register.  

Continuing Education (CE) Course 
The "Enhancing Thin Masonry Veneer: Metal Support Systems" session will take place on Thursday, June 6 from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. at the Inspire Zone Theatre. This session, presented by Leroy Danforth, wall systems research and development manager at Glen-Gery, will dive into the design and performance of metal backing systems that mechanically support thin masonry veneers. Attendees can expect to compare various metal support systems with traditionally laid face brick masonry, and review critical design and installation factors. 

Coffee Cart & Lunch Truck
On Thursday, June 6 at approximately 8 a.m., AIA attendees can jump-start their day with a cold brew from a Glen-Gery sponsored coffee cart located outside of the Convention Center. Attendees can also visit the Glen-Gery booth to receive a drink ticket that can be redeemed at Compass Coffee, while supplies last.  

Show attendees are also encouraged to stop by a Glen-Gery-sponsored lunch truck located outside of the Convention Center on Thursday, June 6 from 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. to receive themed lunch items, while supplies last.

For more information, visit Glen-Gery at booth #1537 at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2024 and view press kit materials here.


Headquartered in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Glen-Gery Corporation is one of the largest brick manufacturers in North America. Since 1890, Glen-Gery has built a reputation for its superior service and high-quality building products that meet both innovative design challenges and demanding construction specifications. Through technology advancements and product innovations, Glen-Gery offers a diverse, premium product portfolio of more than 400 brick products that caters to the high-style needs of today’s architects, designers and homeowners. Operating as part of Brickworks North America, Glen-Gery has eight brick manufacturing facilities, 26 company-owned Supply Centers and three Design Studios, including Philadelphia, Baltimore and the global flagship location in New York City.

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