Interior Remodeling Refined: Unlock the Potential of Stone Veneer Inside

Words: Sarah Lograsso

Typically, stone is linked with exterior settings, yet its versatility extends far beyond. With manufactured stone veneer (MSV), the possibilities to enhance interior applications are virtually boundless.

From accent walls in living rooms to fireplace surrounds in cozy dens, stone veneer has the remarkable ability to elevate the ambiance of any indoor setting, infusing it with character and sophistication. Its tactile allure and visual richness make it a versatile design element that breaks traditional norms, offering endless possibilities for creating captivating interior spaces that exude warmth, style, and enduring beauty.

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Consider Texture and Color

Determining the location of the new stone accent wall is the first thing you’ll want to be aligned on with your client. Remember – stone veneer walls are going to draw the eye and become the new focal point in whatever area they are installed in. It’s important to consider how your client wants to tie it together with the rest of the space. Stone veneer can come in a wide variety of cuts, textures, and colors, and designers and builders have the option to showcase a dramatic style that can emulate classic elegance and intricate detail, or a more subtle design that has slender cuts, and soft gradients.

If your client chooses a particular room for the stone wall, such as a bathroom or dining room, the style of this space should play a large part in the decision-making process. For example, a smoother, tighter fitting stone will have a low profile and smoother surface. This can create a more refined and contemporary stone wall. Stone profiles with a rougher texture and large, irregular shapes will present a more traditional and rustic style. 

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Opting for a stone that has a stacked pattern like Stacked Stone will give the classic elegance and intricate detail of small ledgestones. This stone veneer is also made in a panel system that allows for easier, faster installation while disguising the panel with the various depths of the stones. A stone profile with this kind of versatility is effective in adding color and texture into an indoor space.

When it comes to aesthetics, manufactured stone veneer offers a plethora of shapes, scales, textures, and hues. To make the selection process easier, look for brands that offer product selector tools or visualizers. These allow you or your client to view the products in real spaces or to upload a photo of their own space, allowing them to envision how different stones will complement a specific installation. 

By thoughtfully integrating color, stone shape, texture, and grout, your new stone veneer wall will command attention and leave a lasting impression.

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Choose the Right Grout

Nearly as crucial as selecting the stone itself is how you finish off the aesthetic with grout, assuming it’s not a drystack application. Grout plays a vital role in filling the gaps between individual stones, and the texture and color of the chosen grout will significantly influence the overall character of the stone wall. Deliberate consideration of grout options, including color, texture, and application technique, is paramount, as these factors exert substantial influence on the ultimate aesthetic of a completed stone wall.

Take, for example, when you're working with larger stones featuring a variety of irregular shapes. Using a standard grout technique will really highlight all those fine details along the edges of each stone. But if you go for an over-grout technique, the grout will spill onto the stone's face, hiding those edges and giving a smoother texture and transition between stones.

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Understanding the correct installation process for stone veneer is crucial to ensure that it is meeting and exceeding your clients’ expectations in terms of appearance and performance. Employing flats and corner stones in the appropriate manner around features like fireplace openings, windows, and doors is key to achieving an authentic-looking stone wall. However, some MSV manufacturers don't provide corners, which can lead to a less realistic finish. Installers should prioritize products with corners for authenticity and carefully measure all openings during the specification process to ensure accuracy before the project begins.

By carefully considering factors such as texture, color, and grout selection, designers and builders can harness the timeless elegance and versatility of stone to create captivating indoor environments. Whether accentuating living areas with stacked patterns or embracing rustic charm with irregular textures, the possibilities are limitless. With attention to detail and proper installation techniques, stone veneer offers a pathway to infusing indoor spaces with enduring warmth, style, and sophistication, ultimately leaving a lasting impression on both clients and visitors alike.

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