Words: Isa Stein

Ogden, UT – QUICK HEADERS, LLC manufacturer of the removeable, re-useable structural masonry shoring system used when setting concrete masonry blocks over openings has announced the release of the QUICK PACK RACK. 

The QUICK PACK RACK will make its formal debut at this year’s World of Concrete event held January 17 – 19, 2023.  Designed exclusively to store and account for any Quick Headers units on a job site or in the warehouse, this custom steel transport container has the ability to store 50 to 65 QUICK HEADERS depending on the assortment of Quick Header sizes that are required at a job.  An easy-to-access toolbox is built-in at the top and houses approximately 16 QUICK CONNECTS along with their necessary bolts.  There is a dedicated space in the toolbox for the travel straps when transporting the entire unit.  Topping it off, a dedicated space is available for Post Shores to sit comfortably across the frame of the QUICK PACK RACK. In other words, it’s a one-stop container for all that is needed when shoring out openings with the Quick Headers. 

The QUICK PACK RACK weighs 450 lbs. by itself, and when fully loaded with inventory can weigh in at approximately 2,000 to 3,000 lbs., depending on the contents.  Forklift pockets provide for the ease of lifting it with your equipment on to a flatbed trailer, and once strapped down, can be transported to and around a job site.  Should the need arise, the entire unit can be “flown out” with a crane. 

“Earlier this year we realized having a way to manage an assortment of Quick Headers had become an important topic to address as more and more contractors were adding to their inventories,” states Judy Kelly, owner of Quick Headers.  “Our team developed a rack design that organizes, protects and safely transport an efficient compliment of sizes and necessary accessories to and from the job site. From the moment the prototype was built, we knew we had a valuable piece of the package for anyone using the QUICK HEADERS.”

QUICK HEADERS were developed and patented to eliminate the need for wood bucks or pre-cast lintels over masonry openings.  Light-weight and simple to use, QUICK HEADERS are a hollow C-channel steel beam with an extendable tray or tab on each end depending on the length.

Last year, QUICK HEADERS launched the QUICK CONNECT, a simple accessory with bolts that can link any size QUICK HEADERS together to make unlimited lengths for larger openings. Assembled quickly and easily in the field, the QUICK CONNECT channel slips around the underside of the connecting points of the Headers.  Bolts are then fastened into the receiving side of the riv-nut pins on the outside of a QUICK HEADER and the finished length is then set in place over the opening.  A prop is required under each QUICK CONNECT connection point in addition to any points over six feet in length. 

Also new this year, QUICK HEADERS eliminated the single tray Quick Header sizes and now offers every size from 3’ to 16’ in double tray units, growing in one-foot increments.  Each Quick Header now provides an additional 14” of extension, even the 3’, 4’ and 5’ sizes.  As before, no post is required for these smaller sizes up to 6’ in length, however a post shore is needed for every 6’ of length beginning at 6’6”, and under each QUICK CONNECT point.

For openings over 16’ in length, the QUICK CONNECT is used to connect as many QUICK HEADERS as need to reach the required length.  For example, if the opening is 32’ in length, two 16’ QUICK HEADERS would be linked together, and five props would be needed to support this 32’ length.  One prop under the QUICK CONNECT, and the other four props, each 6’ apart. 

 “To date the longest opening set has been an incredible 105 FEET,” states Scot Kelly, founder of QUICK HEADERS, “and that was impressive to see. Some of the massive openings the architects and engineers come up with at the big schools and commercial buildings we build are monumental.  QUICK HEADERS saves the masons and General Contractors thousands of dollars on these large size openings, and we are happy to be able to help them.”

For more information, call 801-675-5572, visit www.quickheaders.com.

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