Dust Management


Words and Photos: Grant Spears, Product Manager for Surface Preparation for Husqvarna Construction, North America

It is a fact – construction work creates dust, and dust creates risk. Wouldn’t it be great knowing you had a machine working beside you that helped reduce this risk? 

Dust can not only have negative effects on health but also on the efficiency of equipment. Whether you are grinding, cutting, drilling, or anything else that produces dust, we have the machine that will reduce risk. 

In this article, Grant Spears, Product Manager from Husqvarna Construction, will explore the benefits of pairing the new range of Husqvarna dust extractors with equipment and why this versatile product is the perfect pairing for masonry contractors. 

Grant Spears, Product Manager

The Enemy Of Dry Cutting 

There are several perks when cutting dry - blocks require less clean up and there is no need for drying, equipment cleanup is a breeze, slurry runoff is not a concern, and you do not have to worry about water freezing in or on the saw during the winter months. But there is a downside to dry cutting: saws can generate large amounts of dust containing harmful particles. These harmful particles are crystalline silica, which can be hazardous when very small (respirable) particles are inhaled. They are so small that they might hover in the air for hours, invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is important to prevent dust from becoming airborne. Using high-quality professional dust control equipment along with personal protective equipment, rated to catch even the smallest silica particles, are two of the best ways to handle dust. In addition to protecting the operator and surrounding areas, dust extraction cuts down on equipment cleaning time and maintenance. 

Meet The Sidekick That Reduces Risk – Engineered For Extended Performance 

The most efficient way to capture dust is at the source with a dust extractor. Dust extractors capture dust by using a vacuum system to pull the particles towards the unit. The dust is then collected in a bag, which can be tied off and disposed of. Husqvarna Construction has recently developed five new dust extractors to help increase efficiency and operation. The range is made up of two battery models and three corded models.

The cordless models feature two different battery ecosystems, both of which can be used to power a constantly increasing range of Husqvarna products. Furthermore, both dust extractors can be used with other power tools that are not battery-driven, opening the potential for more cost-efficient construction operations. 

One of the most beneficial factors of the new Husqvarna dust extractor models is compliance with HEPA standards for heavy-duty dust extractor usage. The two battery-driven (PACE and i Series) models offer the same features as three corded models, optimizing versatility for multiple applications. 

A new range of dust extractors was developed to increase working time. This way, the mason can focus on the job and increase productivity while the Husqvarna dust extractor performs in the background. Remote job sites or sites lacking utilities can function at full capacity if using the battery-powered dust extractor. This offers a full range of motion within the jobsite. Indoor applications with minimal ventilation and confined outdoor spaces have increased the safety of the mason and jobsite and the need to easily collect dust particles. 

Each dust extractor model features continuous and high performance with e-flow, an effortless filter cleaning mechanism. Optimal airspeed is maintained during the whole filter saturation time process, which allows the entire three-stage filtration process to work at high-efficiency levels. A filter cleaning mechanism ensures the cleaning process can be done by simply closing the inlet and pressing a button. The user interface, HMI, presents a real-time filter and machine status, delivering early and on-site troubleshooting, as well as making sure the operator has the expected level of dust protection.

The Longopac® dust bag system significantly reduces equipment cleaning time while making sure the silica dust is properly disposed of without a chance for ground source water contamination. With labor at an all-time high, the Longopac® bag system benefits the cost of ownership overtime. 

DE 120 PACE (Coming soon) 

  • PACE batteries and chargers
    Husqvarna B380X / B750X
    The sturdy design of the Husqvarna PACE battery system enables usage in tough, heavy-duty conditions, indoors and outdoors. It is available in two battery sizes, both of which deliver high power and fast charging – and a job well done. 

DE 110i 

  • i-Series batteries and chargers
    Husqvarna BLi200 / BLi300
    These batteries offer excellent runtime, high capacity to weight ratio, a 4-LED charge level indicator, all-weather operation, and excellent cooling characteristics. They can also be recharged more than 1500 times. 

DE 120, DE 110 S, and DE 110 

  • Corded dust extractors feature a 16’ – 24’ antistatic hose for flexibility within the jobsite, with additional accessories taking the dust extractors to a new level of performance. 
Husqvarna DE 120

Easier Operation 

Husqvarna designed the dust extractor range with smart details to increase efficiency and transport. Lifting hooks allow the attachment of hoses, cables, wands, and floor tools to the machine. The flat top design acts as extra storage space during transportation, and lockable wheels keep the dust extractor fixed during operation and transportation. 

The Perfect Pair 

Husqvarna provides the total solutions package: the MS 360 masonry saw paired with an MS 360 Vac Attachment accessory and the DE 120 dust extractor. The dust port on the MS 360 Vac Attachment connects directly to the saw cart of the MS 360 (either electric or gas versions), and a hose connects to the dust extractor. This means dust is collected at the source of the cut. 

Husqvarna MS 360

When dry cutting with the portable MS 360, Grant Spears recommends cutting with an integrated dust collection device and connecting a dust extractor directly to the saw. “The dust shroud enables the operator to effectively cut materials such as bricks and blocks dry. The attachment can be adjusted to cut different lengths of material. A dust extractor with the appropriate airflow and capacity for the application, equipped with HEPA H13 filters, adds another layer of safety for the operator and the environment.”

Bottom Line 

Versatility is something construction professionals appreciate. The new Husqvarna dust extractors are ideal for multiple applications and keep masons clear of dust on the jobsite.

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