PRESSURED TO STAY CLEAN ON THE JOB? — Finding The Right Cleaning System

Words: Uma Basso

Words: Uma Basso 
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Staying clean on the job should be more than a quick pick-up before leaving for the day. Keeping the jobsite and equipment clean can have a powerful effect on the efficiency and quality of a mason’s work. 


Pressure washers and steam cleaners are powerful cleaning tools. There are many advantages to investing in cleaning equipment. 

  • Preparation – Pressure washers and steam cleaners can prepare the surface before a mason begins work. A thoroughly cleaned surface is easier to work on and can improve the overall quality. 
  • Reduce Fatigue – Manual scrubbing can take a toll on a worker’s physical health. The need for manual cleanup is reduced when cleaning equipment is used. 
  • Equipment life – Dust, grime, and dirt can build up over time. It can jam up your equipment and force it to work harder than it should. This takes a toll on your equipment. Regular cleanup keeps your equipment running the way it should. 
  • Reduce the need for chemicals – Pressure washers and steam cleaners are powerful tools that may effectively clean soiled surfaces using mild, safer chemicals and detergents. 


Pressure washers can be an effective tool for masons to use when etching and cleaning surfaces. These washers rely on large quantities of water being forced through high-pressure jets to create a powerful water stream, removing dirt, grime, moss, and other materials. Volume and power are essential using a pressure washer. 

Advantages of using a pressure washer include:

  • Pressure washers may need a lot of water, but it is used efficiently.
  • It works fast to remove dirt and grime.
  • When using the correct pressure, it can handle hard-to-remove materials, saving the mason from the need to scrub or scrape particles.

Drawbacks of pressure washers include;

  • If the pressure is too low, there may not be enough force to remove dirt or other particles. Conversely, if the pressure is too high, it can damage surfaces and encourage decay.
  • Without chemicals or abrasives, pressure washing may be less effective in removing heavy soil or staining. 
  • A large amount of water can take several hours, even days, to dry.

Steam cleaning equipment relies on the steam produced by water heated to an extremely high temperature. It uses far less water than a pressure washer. 

There are a lot of good reasons to use steam cleaning equipment, such as; 

  • High heat and pressure can effectively clean surfaces with minimal detergents and chemicals. 
  • It uses less water than a pressure washer. 
  • Low-pressure steam can clean deteriorated or ornate structures with minimal damage.
  • It takes less time to dry.

Some of the drawbacks of steam cleaning machines include; 

  • High water temperature may pose a safety hazard 
  • May require chemicals if soiling is severe.
  • It can be costly when compared to other cleaning equipment.


You can find a variety of durable and efficient cleaning equipment on the market today. 


Unique Industries offers a series of mobile cleaning units suited for masonry cleaning and business restoration. These efficient high-pressure systems give surfaces a thorough cleaning with their optimal flow of pressure, heat, and muriatic acid. 

F-30 Mobile Cleaning Unit

The F-30 is a good fit for smaller jobs. It has a stainless-steel body and is easy to transport on the job. Using cold water, the F-30 is suitable for etching and cleaning. 


  • 10Hp, Series 19 Vanguard single-cylinder engine
  • 2800 psi pump
  • 3.3-liter gasoline tank
  • Chemical resistant steel-reinforced 100-foot hose

Find out more about the F-30 mobile cleaning unit

MK3- Mobile Cleaning Unit

The MK-3 is suitable for jobs with smaller or intricate pieces. It can etch quickly without pooling or over / under-etching. This MK3 is ideal for precast concrete etching, cleaning brick-faced panels, and cleaning equipment.

It stands out from other pressure cleaners with its controlled introduction of chemicals into the high-pressure water stream. 


  • 18-horsepower, 2-cylinder electric start gasoline engine
  • 3000 psi pump for a 3.9 gallon per minute flow
  • 8-gallon gasoline tank
  • 20-gallon chemical tank

Learn more about the MK3 Mobile Cleaning Unit

MK7 – Mobile Unit

The largest of Unique Industries’ mobile cleaning units, the MK7 generates a combination of pressurized hot water and chemical for a rapid etch with its patented Chemical Induction System. The MK7 can handle larger precast concrete etching jobs, as well as traditional pressure cleaning applications. 


  •   25-horsepower, two-cylinder high-powered gasoline or diesel engine
  •  3,000 psi pump for a flow of up to 8 gallons per minute
  •  10-gallon diesel fuel tank
  •  30-gallon chemical tank
  •  200-foot chemical-resistant hose
  • Made of stainless steel 

Read more about the MK7 Mobile Unit


Jenny Products first introduced the Steam Jenny cleaners back in 1927. Steam cleaning technology superheats water to produce water vapor. Steam cleaning capability relies on the natural pressure created by rapidly expanding vapor. With the water vapor’s extreme heat, detergents used for cleaning are more effective and use less water. 

Jenny Oil Fired Steam Cleaner

Jenny has three models of oil-fired steam cleaners, which range in volume and capacity. Common features found in all models include:

  • Pressure of 100 – 200 psi
  • Jenny's twin fire modular gas burner
  • Belt-driven triplex ceramic pump
  • 10-gauge steel, modular chassis

The SJ 70 Oil Fired Steam Cleaner has a 70 GPH volume and comes equipped with a 1/2 HP electric motor. It has a fuel capacity of 7.7 gallons.

The SJ100 Oil Fired Steam Cleaner has a cleaning volume of 100 GPH and a 1 HP electric motor. Fuel capacity in the SJ100 is 13 gallons.

With the SJ120 Oil Fired Steam Cleaner, the steam cleaning volume is 120 GPH. The SJ120 comes with a 1 HP electric motor and has a fuel capacity of 13 gallons. 

Find out more about Jenny’s Oil Fired Steam Cleaner and available models here. 

Jenny Gas Fired Steam Cleaner

Gas-fired steam cleaners are designed to work with natural or liquid propane gas. These cleaners are equipped with a specially designed combustion chamber that helps the natural updraft burner system work efficiently.

Jenny offers a line of seven gas-fired steam cleaners, ranging in size and power. You will find similar features in all cleaners, such as;

You will find the same features in Jenny’s Gas Fired Steam Cleaner models, such as:

  • Pressure of 100 – 200 psi
  • Jenny Electronic Gas Burner Ignition System
  • Belt-driven triplex ceramic pump
  • 10-gauge steel, modular chassis
  • Stainless steel float tank
  • Lighted panel mounted rocker switches

Jenny’s line of gas-fired steam cleaners includes the following models:

  • SJ70 – 70 GPH volume, 1 HP electric motor
  • SJ100 – 100 GPH volume, 1 HP electric motor
  • SJ120 – 120 GPH volume, 1 HP electric motor
  • SJ 150 – 150 GPH volume, 1 ½ HP electric motor
  • SJ180 – 180 GPH volume, 1 ½ HP electric motor
  • SJ240 – 240 GPH volume, 1 ½ HP electric motor
  • SJ300 – 300 GPH volume, 1 ½ HP electric motor

You can learn more about Jenny’s gas-fired steam cleaners and available models here.

Jenny Hot Pressure Washer

Jenny makes a line of gas-fired and oil-fired hot pressure washers. There are eleven gas-fired models and eight oil-fired models in its hot pressure washer lineup. Both lines have models that range from 750 psi to 3500 psi. 

Find out more about Jenny’s hot pressure washers here

Jenny Combination Units

Jenny manufactures a collection of equipment that combines steam cleaners and pressure washers. They are available as all-electric, oil-fired, and gas-fired units.

Jenny’s All-Electric Combination Unit has four models, which range from 600 psi to 3000 for pressure washing and 100 – 200 psi for a steam cleaner. 

The E-3000-C is Jenny’s largest electric combination unit.

The E-3000-C comes with a 7.5-horsepower electric motor. It can 

Highlights include:

  • 7.5-horsepower electric motor
  • Heats water up to 200 degrees F for pressure washing 
  • Can reach up to 325 degrees F for steam cleaning
  • Solution capacity of 6 gallons

Learn more about Jenny’s combination units here


Quality cleanup equipment can improve a job’s efficiency and ease the physical burden placed on workers. It may also enhance the life of other machines and equipment you use today. Choosing between a pressure washer or a steam cleaner can come down to more effective work. If you are still torn between the two, combined cleaning equipment gives you the best of both worlds.

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