How to Craft a Healthy Diet

Words: Sa Bal

Words: Sa Bal 
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The field of construction is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. There are many energy-consuming tasks in the construction world, from heavy lifting and excessive manual labor to managing complicated machinery. Not to mention, all the planning, coordinating, and managing is bound to exhaust you physically, as well as mentally. 

For this reason, industry workers require healthy food rich in calories, nutrients, and proteins for ensuring the effective execution of tasks on the field. Especially since all the physical activity on the job site results in you burning high amounts of calories, you must have a nutritional diet to expedite your performance.

The energy you earn from healthy food helps you complete tasks timely and improves your response rate. Staying alert on the field helps avoid mistakes and accidents. In case construction workers are tired, hungry, or distracted, their performance and energy levels go down; thus, the projects take a hit. Let's take a look at how construction workers can enjoy eating healthy yet delicious meals and why it's critical to do so:

How Does Poor Diet Affect Workers?

Multiple pieces of research demonstrate the importance of following a healthy and nutritious diet. The lack of it has devastating effects on one's health. A poor diet and low nutrition intake can be detrimental to their safety, productivity levels, and long-term health. 

In-depth research shows that the lack of a healthy diet among construction workers is because they consider it a hindrance to their work. Or that they consider taking proper meals as an afterthought. But here's the thing: food directly affects our cognitive performance, which means that by following a low-calorie diet, employees lack adequate alertness, energy levels, and concentration. All necessary in a dangerous work area like construction sites.      

Manual laborers who rarely ate fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods were 93% more likely to experience low productivity levels. Furthermore, it shows that smokers have a 28% higher chance of being less productive. Thus, to improve performance and personal health, managers need to introduce healthier alternatives and encourage workers to make healthier life choices.  

Furthermore, skipping meals subtracts a staggering 300 million pounds per year from the U.K economy. The reason being that hungry workers are comparatively less productive. On the flip side, research on U.S construction workers shows that businesses lose a considerable amount of productivity every time construction laborers have a long-term illness or call in sick. More than that, enterprises notice higher losses when workers are less alert due to low nutrition intake. Also, mental sluggishness can cause a lack of innovation, low output, and a higher number of accidents. 

How to Eat Healthy on the Jobsite?

In-depth research shows that construction workers burn up to 300 calories every hour, which is comparatively higher than what office workers burn, i.e., 102 calories. It means that to perform better on the field and boost higher productivity levels on the jobsite, construction workers need to eat healthy amounts of nutrition. Here we take a look at ways construction workers can create healthy meals to enjoy on the job site:


It is the most important meal for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, you need to make sure you kick start your day with a healthy and energizing meal. Offer your body complex carbohydrates and proteins by eating one of the following meals:

  • Oatmeal is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fibers, thus making them an excellent first meal of the day.
  • Quinoa is a delicious grain containing complex carbohydrates and high amounts of proteins.
  • Whole grain wheat bread is fantastic, lowering the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. Start your day with 100% whole grain bread.
  • Green peas are rich in fiber and can help control cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Fish boasts 40 grams of proteins per serving which makes them a great breakfast meal.   
  • Make a burrito out of black beans, sweet potatoes, egg beaters, and turkey slices to make a nutritious and healthy meal.


While a good breakfast ensures you begin your day full of energy, a nutritious lunch is critical to ensure you can keep performing well on the job site. Here's what you can eat between work hours:  

  • Sandwiches made from whole wheat bread containing tomatoes, turkey, and other healthy vegetables make for a great lunch.
  • Spaghetti containing carbohydrates, protein, and fiber ensures you enjoy a mouth-watering yet healthy lunch.
  • Nuts are perfect for workers looking for a small yet filling and nutritious lunch.
  • Chicken and turkey breasts are full of proteins, thus making them a yummy and healthy meal.
  •  Egg yolks aren't the healthiest. However, egg whites are full of nutrients that make it an ideal breakfast and lunch meal.  


Finish your day with a delicious yet full of carbohydrates, vitamins, and fiber dinner. Here we discuss a couple of dishes you can enjoy at dinner time:

  • Grains like barley and millet are an excellent way to fill your stomach with a flavorful punch of nutrients. 
  • Replacing white rice with brown, black, or wild rice gives you a boost of energy and expedites your health.
  • Popcorn, an excellent snack, contains high amounts of carbohydrates and makes for a small dinner.
  • You can enjoy feasting on full-of-protein fish during dinner time as well.
  • Tofu is full of delicious proteins and is 100% safe and healthy. 

The Takeaway 

Eating salads, trail mix, and other tasty vegetables and fruits instead of unhealthy meals is the perfect way to enhance your productivity levels in the field of work. Construction workers burn high amounts of calories. Thus, to ensure better performance, safety, and health, they must enjoy healthier meals.

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