STAY HEALTHY ON THE JOB: Keeping The Air Dust-Free Matters For Masonry

Words: Uma Basso

Words: Uma Basso
Photos: Husqvarna, iQ Power Tools, Bosch, Oneida 

It takes more than hardhats and steel-toed shoes to stay safe on the job. Dust may not seem like an obvious danger, but it can pose severe health issues for workers who breathe it in. 

Construction dust may be present in the air for a variety of reasons. It is a by-product of sawing, cutting, or sanding down materials. You may also experience dust if you are sweeping up after a job or moving materials from one place to another.

Masons who regularly cut into concrete blocks, bricks, and slabs have potential risk for respiratory issues due to dust if the proper precautions and PPE are in place while using saws and grinders. 

Thankfully, products on the market today can help cut down the amount of dust flying around in the air. While some may seem a little pricey, if they can help keep you and your work crew safe, they are well worth the investment. 


You can protect yourself on the job site using a dust extraction system. These machines may be standalone or attach directly to such equipment, such as saws and drills. Below we explore a variety of dust extraction systems.


The T 18000 is an industrial-grade dust collector that is compatible with a wide array of Husqvarna grinding machines. It can gather fine particles and comes with four certified HEPA class H13 filters that can collect dust from asbestos and quartz. With its pre-filter cleaning system and Longopac® bag hose system, operators aren’t exposed to dust when cleaning the machine or changing its bag. 

Learn more about the HUSQVARNA T 18000 here.


This vacuum system is ideal for dust extraction with its mix of suction power and airflow. This 9-gallon machine sports a semi-automatic filter cleaning system. You can clean the filter on demand by switching on the activation button on the hose’s nozzle. 

This dust extractor has a solid set of wheels, yet it is lightweight enough to be moved around easily. You can directly plug tools into this dust extractor. Not only does this reduce the need for a second power cord, but the tool's power switch can also turn on and off the dust extractor. 

While this model does not come equipped with a HEPA filter, it can be purchased as an accessory. 

Find out more about the BOSCH VAC090S here.

iQ426HEPA – Cyclonic Dust Extractor

The Cyclonic Dust Extractor incorporates a four-stage filtration process to tackle debris and dust. Its first two cyclone stages grab medium and large particles out of the dust, keeping them from reaching the extractor’s filters.  

With the debris pulled out, the dust runs through the Durabond filter and then a HEPA filter. Dust accumulates in a heavy-duty bag that is easy to remove and dispose of. 

Since medium to large-sized debris doesn’t clog up the filters, you’ll experience greater suction power and have less need for cleaning the filters.  Learn more about the iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor here


Designed to be used by masons, these tools integrate utility with dust extraction. They perform dry cuts with precision while keeping the worker safe by collecting harmful dust from the air before its inhaled.

iQMS362 Dust Control Masonry Saw

This specialized saw boasts cutting speeds that are 40% faster than other masonry saws. It also integrates a dust extraction system. This masonry saw grabs dust with its blade guard and rear dust guard and shoots it through an integrated vacuum system. The filtration system includes a 3-stage cyclone system that pulls out large debris, fine particles, and superfine dust. 

The equipment is light and easy to move around the job site by one person. 

Read more about the iQMS362 here

iQ360XT Dust Control Table Saw

This powerful table saw cuts brick, pavers, stone, and veneer wherever you set it up. Whether you dry cut outdoors or inside, its integrated dust collection system grabs harmful particles before entering the air. This table saw relies on a vacuum system to gather the dust, capturing it in an easy-to-clean filter and tub.  

This table saw is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around the job site.  

Find out more about the iQ360XT™ Dust Control Table Saw here


A pre-separator works to supplement a dust extraction machine. It works to separate materials in the dust before it reaches the dust extraction machine. These devices can improve the efficiency and the useful life of your dust extraction machine, as they separate larger materials that may be taxing on its filtration system. Plus, a pre-separator may cut down on the number of times you need to clean the dust extraction machine filter.


The C550 can separate up to 90% of vacuumed items before it reaches the extraction machine. This pre-separator works with a variety of HUSQVARNA dust extraction machines, including the T 18000. Separating the dust helps to reduce the burden on the motor of the extraction machine.  

The C550 is helpful with high volumes of dust. It can also be a good investment to make to protect your dust extraction machine. It costs significantly less, but it can go a long way to safeguard your investment in a dust extraction machine.

You can learn more about the HUSQVARNA C550 here.



The CC5500 Cyclone Dust Extractor by Oneida controls dangerous silica dust floating in the air when grinding, cutting, and drilling from construction materials.  Its powerful suction strength grabs dust, filtering out large particles before hitting its HEPA filter.  The system is portable and easy to transport in construction vehicles and move around the job site. 

To improve the pre-separator process, purchase its Onboard Pre-Separator CC5500 attachment.  This device attaches to the dust extractor and pulls out larger particles before reaching the CC5500.  This pre-separator improves the overall waste capacity of the system. Plus, you'll spend less time cleaning filters in the dust extractor machine.  This pre-separator is easy to install and lightweight. 

Learn more about the Oneida Cyclone Air Systems here


Masons need effective dust extraction systems to stay safe on the job. Whether you go with tools outfitted with dust collection devices or invest in a full-blown dust extraction system, staying in compliance with OSHA’s Respirable Silica Rule and steering clear of the dust on a jobsite is important day-to-day. 

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