Mortar Net Solutions Introduces Improved Packaging for WeepVent™ Weep Hole Solution

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

For Immediate Release: Agency Contact: Andrew Poulsen • 216.242.0418 

Mortar Net Solutions now manufactures WeepVent in sheets for easier handling and installation on the jobsite.

PORTAGE, Indiana – October 2020 – Mortar Net Solutions, the leading supplier of moisture management solutions for masonry walls, introduced new and improved packaging for its WeepVent solution for masonry cavity walls. Mortar Net now manufactures WeepVent in sheets, as opposed to individual pieces, for easier handling and installation on the jobsite. Each sheet contains 25 WeepVent pieces with small perforations that can easily be torn off and installed.

WeepVent helps ensure that moisture can migrate out and air can circulate into the cavity and that insects are deterred from entering the cavity through the weep holes. The product’s compressibility means it can completely fill the weep holes while holding itself in place. WeepVent features a 90 percent open-weave polyester mesh composition and is available in eight colors: brown, tan, red, almond, white, gray, black and pebble. WeepVent comes available in custom cuts and sizes upon request. 

“Masons liked WeepVent as a lightweight and cost-effective solution for protecting weep holes, but were tired of losing loose, individual pieces on the jobsite,” said Steven Fechino, Engineering and Construction Manager at Mortar Net Solutions. “After listening to their concerns, users can now simply tear off a piece of WeepVent from the sheet, install it and move on to the next head joint.”

About Mortar Net Solutions

Mortar Net Solutions develops, distributes and supports innovative moisture management solutions for masonry construction. It was founded in 1992 with the invention of its flagship product, MortarNet, a mortar dropping collection device developed to prevent water damage to masonry cavity walls. Other proprietary solutions for masonry construction include TotalFlash®, BlockFlash, BlockNet®, HouseNet, CompleteFlash®, WallNet, WeepVent, CellVent, LathNet and DriPlane. Mortar Net Solutions is a partner in CavityComplete Wall Systems, the only tested, code-compliant and warrantied wall systems for masonry cavity walls using completely compatible components. For more information, visit

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