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Provide quality work, safety for our crew, and be efficient. 

Company History 

John L. Cantarella and Bill Santazica started C&S Company Inc. (C&S Co., Inc.) in 1934 in Western Massachusetts. The company focused on residential and some commercial work with seven employees overall. But as time went on John and Bill decided to increase their business venture. John wanted to perform masonry work as well as supply masonry units. So, a block plant was built in the back of the old shop where truck drivers would make deliveries. 

In the 1950s, John L. Cantarella and his son John A. Cantarella joined the local Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers in Pittsfield, which helped them continue their mason contracting company as well as their masonry supplying company in the industry. As the company grew, its service territory expanded to Vermont and New York. Paul Cantarella Sr. became the President of C&S Co., Inc. in the early 80s and grew the company’s project load from one-two big projects a year to almost 15 a year as well as hired 50 additional employees. 

C&S Co., Inc. maintained its business for almost 70 years, which enabled them to start Cantarella & Son in 2003. Creating a new company within the same family was done with the strategy of being able to cover a larger territory. Paul Cantarella Jr. became the President of Cantarella & Son in 2003 and focused his masonry efforts in Western Massachusetts and Vermont. Years later, in 2014 Paul L. Cantarella decided to take a “semi-retirement” and Paul Jr. began to oversee the daily operations of C&S company as well, whose primary focus is in New York. Today, both C&S Co., Inc. and Cantarella & Son are in full operation. 


“I feel one of our specialties is doing renovation work, especially historical,” Paul Cantarella Jr. states. C&S Co., Inc. has completed hundreds of jobs since its inception and is currently working on Maple Elementary School, which is its largest project to date, according to Paul Jr. “When we complete it, it will be one beautiful brick building,” he continues. With the different color and size bricks, the colored mortar, and the patterns, this project will be the most complex brick-based job they have ever done. C&S Co., Inc. even used CAD BLOX to design the exterior brick pattern of the school. 

In addition to the current project C&S Co., Inc. is currently working on, they have also completed a variety of other projects that called for different techniques and masonry materials. These projects include Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA, Hillcrest Hospital, Pittsfield, MA, and Coxsackie Correctional Facility add-on in Coxsackie, NY, all of these projects were constructed with block and brick veneer. 

Cantarella & Son specializes in commercial and restoration masonry projects and has completed its respective list of projects. Including renovating Hoosac Valley High and Middle School in Cheshire, MA, Umass Amherst Integrative Learning Center Amherst, MA constructed with block, brick, granite, and limestone. Lastly renovating Union Train Station in Springfield, MA.

Involvement in the Industry 

Growing up in the business, we were never a part of associations, my father felt we weren’t big enough to be involved,” Paul Jr. explains. However, 30 years later C&S Co., Inc and Cantarella & Son are very active in various associations. “There are talkers and then there are doers. If we all sit on our hands we will not make masonry great again!” Out of all the associations the two companies are involved in, the one that stands out the most is the Mason Contractors Association of America. “I can honestly say that becoming a member of the MCAA has helped our business grow and become more efficient,” he goes on. “Some of the connections I have made with other mason contractors and suppliers in the industry are invaluable.” 

There are plenty of benefits to membership just from the web page alone, the amount of information, safety, and tools available on the site is reason alone to be a member, Paul Jr. points out. But if you want to get the most out of membership he suggests attending one of the meetings put on by the MCAA, one of his favorites is the Midyear Meeting. “The group at the MCAA welcomed me and my wife with open arms.” MCAA’s saying, “We Are Stronger Together,” is one of Paul Jr.'s favorites and he truly believes in this statement because everyone needs to do their part to promote the masonry industry. 

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