Building More

Words: Corey Adams
Words: Corey Adams 
It may not be customary, but I want to say welcome and thank you. The last two years of writing for MASONRY Magazine has been eye-opening, thought-provoking, and extremely humbling. When I set out years ago to educate myself to the fullest, I never even imagined I would have the opportunity to help others. They have given me the opportunity, and I am grateful.  I am surprised at times of the people who tell me they read my articles. I always ask what they think, and what we can do differently. I enjoy feedback and constructive criticism. I believe it is the only way to consistently produce better quality, and these articles are no different. One of the common feedback themes is to focus more on residential and light commercial contractors, or stated another way, the smaller contractors.  According to a 2017 report, 48% of construction companies operate out of their homes. The vast majority of construction companies are small, family-run companies. They are full of people who take pride in their work and go out every day to build something for their customers, their companies, and their families.  This brings us to now. When offered a regular column in MASONRY Magazine, I pushed to fill the void for these companies. My ideas were met with enthusiasm and support. Every company started as a small family-run company. Very few of them started as a conglomerate. There are more than a few smaller companies out there today that will be the next mid-large size company. They just need guidance and support to get there. Building More is going to focus a lot on the challenges and opportunities that we as smaller operations face. Many of us wear multiple hats daily. We struggle with everything from operations, field management, growth strategies, sales, and everyone’s current dilemma, finding qualified help. We want to lend insight into these topics and more via my experience from beginning in a family business to now owning my own.  We will not stop there. I recognize that there are many out there picking up this article that may be wanting to start their business. We have you covered as well. Calling attention to actionable steps that can create a blueprint for continued, or future success.  Every day we go out and build something for someone else. That is the trade industry. Behind the scenes, we are building more. Building companies, fleets, reputations, and for most of us, families. The main reason I go get it every day is to provide for my four sons. I want to build a life for them that they can be proud of. I am not talking about strictly money, I am talking about a positive, quality life. That is what building more means to me.  I hope to bring some insight and perspective into your organization. I understand that there are multiple methods for success. I do not expect to bring a panacea to the industry. What I do plan on is pulling examples from my experience that stretches over two decades and from Long Island to Texas. Not just my field experience, but my experience buying, selling, managing, starting, and growing companies. As we set sail on this journey together, never hesitate to send feedback, questions, or just a quick hello. I hope that the coming articles can guide you to the success you desire, and we can stop only building, and start building more.   
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