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We cover a variety of different tools and equipment that can be considered vital to a mason's day-to-day routine, from items that can fit inside a toolbox to large jobsite vehicles. This article will cover the innovative jobsite tool JagClamp. The company was founded in 2016, and the Jagclamp was introduced into the market a year later at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada, winning the 2017 Most Innovative Product — Expert’s Choice award at the expo. 

Brothers Andy and Jay Green were inspired to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of line stretchers. The idea was to use a clamp to switch from one block to another without changing tools and to conserve time to lay block. The idea came after the brothers witnessed many accidents over the years, seeing colleagues get hit by a loose block line and being sent home for the day. 

“Anyone who has worked in masonry has probably seen or been hit by a loose line stretcher, line block or twig,” Andy states. “Each of these items is pulled at great force and are gingerly attached to a wall — much like a mousetrap.” A wrong move or careless action that causes a release of these items could potentially cause serious injury to masons on the wall. 

“JagClamp is designed to attach securely to the wall, and will not come off when accidentally bumped,” Andy explains—thus avoiding anyone getting hurt on a jobsite. This also reduces the cost of downtime in the company, as well as insurance, medical, and loss of production costs. The solution in Andy and Jay’s eyes was to create a clamp that could have a tight hold on the block to rescue the chances of flying hazardous objects. Andy and Jay began building JagClamps in their garage, which were designed to apply brick and block in a straight string line. 

JagClamps have a variety of uses from line stretchers, line twig, lead poles for bricklaying, and are said to be great for stone and column work. The JAG:XL is the newest item the company offers and was awarded the Most Innovative Product — Expert’s Choice at the 2019 World of Concrete. It works like a regular JagClamp, but is great for laying solid brick or block, as the JAG:XL can adjust from ⅝” to 6”. An additional new feature now available on the JagClamp and JAG:XL is the “notch,” added to help secure lines when the clamp is turned onto its side. “The notch securely holds the line as you move up and down a lead pole, or setting fence posts,” Andy describes. 

You may know JagClamp as our GEN NXT series sponsor, but they also proudly support the MCAA and masonry education. Like any versatile tool, the JagClamp can be used for everyday things as well. So, if you’re in the market for a new jobsite tool, or just like to see what’s new and available, be sure to explore the possibilities with the JagClamp or JAG:XL.

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