MCAA’s 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees


Words: MCAA 
Photos: Brian Carney, Doug Drye, Paul Hoggatt, Mark Kemp 

Brian Carney 

A mason tender first, learning masonry in its purest form, firsthand. Brian pioneered the development of SPEC MIX pre-blended masonry products and silo delivery systems. A key contributor to MCAA initiatives, Brian was also influential in VICA and SkillsUSA masonry competitions. He started the World’s Largest Bricklaying Competition, The SPEC MIX Bricklayer 500®. Established Gatorback, LLC with his wife Shelly, which won the Most Innovative Product Award at the World of Concrete. Awarded the 2018 C. DeWitt Brown Leadman Award. It’s not only Brian’s commitment and passion for keeping the trade strong, but also his continued genuine compassion and concern for everyone he works alongside throughout the industry.  

Doug Drye 

Doug Drye studied masonry in school and was active in the construction community. He was working on his electrician’s certificate when Mt. Pleasant High School offered him a masonry instructor’s teaching position to replace his former high school masonry instructor. Doug began teaching high school masonry in 1986.   

In Doug’s almost twenty-four years at Mount Pleasant, he built a nationally-recognized program, holding the record for the most VICA/SkillsUSA secondary masonry national champions— seven first-place finishes and one second-place finish in the secondary category and one first-place and one second-place finish in the post-secondary division. Doug has helped guide hundreds of young people to successful careers in masonry and construction. 

Paul Hoggatt 

Working for his father’s construction company, Hoggatt Masonry, Paul served in all positions of the company, including many years as a foreman and field superintendent. He eventually ascended to President of Hoggatt, Inc. in the early 1980s. Under his leadership, Hoggatt Inc. thrived and eventually, Paul supervised the business’ transformation into a fencing and hardscape specialty-niche contractor.  

Paul always took an active role in the industry associations in Houston, statewide, and nationally.  He served as President of the Associated Masonry Contractors of Houston in 1993 and from 2002-2003, and as President of the Texas Masonry Council in 1998. Paul also served several years on the TMS Construction Practices Committee and served on MCAA Masonry Systems, Marketing, and Workforce Development Committees. 

Mark Kemp 

Mark has served the masonry and concrete industry for over 50 years, starting at the bottom laboring in the fields and eventually running a successful company. He opened his first company, Badger Brickwashers, while in college. Years later, he joined the team at Superior Masonry Builders, Inc and eventually became the proud owner in 1982. Served as MCAA State Chairman for Wisconsin, Region D Regional VP, Union Committee Chairman, along with all executive office positions. Additionally served on the WMA, MCA of Milwaukee and the IMI.  He was instrumental in the start of The Masonry Foundation, and finished his tenure as Chairman in 2019. His love for the industry is shown through his dedication and hard work ethic. 

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