Make Every Moment Count

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

Bronzella Cleveland, Editor -

As this year goes by, I always wonder if I made the past week, day, and hour count. What I mean is did I complete an item off of my checklist, finish the task I started at the start of the day or hour? You should see my lists for the day and week! I am sure you are wondering where am I going with this, did I accomplish everything I wanted to?  

I read somewhere while in school to make every moment count, and that is one of the quotes that has stuck with me. Did we make every hour, minute or second count for the magazine? Usually, the answer to that question is absolutely! We have tons going on in the office, Dan and I are always saying let's make sure to map this out. Ensuring we make the time we just spent talking about an issue or the upcoming 2020 calendar counts for the next meeting or planning session. I know this concept goes double for you guys out in the field, making every day, hour, millisecond count on a project.  

Before I get too lost in making every moment count, let's get into what this issue has in store for you. Following my note, you will find a green building article that focuses on deep energy retrofits for historic masonry buildings. We all know masonry can last forever if taken care of properly. This is one of the ways to ensure historic buildings are efficient and safe.  

With the MCAA's Midyear Meeting next month, we wanted to give you a preview of what attendees can expect at this year's meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. If you haven't signed up just yet and would like to do so, be sure to go to and get registered!   

You will also find this month's installment of our GEN NXT series featuring WorldSkills contestant Kelby Thornton. Kelby will be representing the US in Russia at WorldSkills and is excited to see what the future holds in the masonry industry. Read more about his experience competing and his goals for the next five years.   

Our cover story sheds light on the MCAA's Membership Perks Program, so be sure to check out the benefits of being a member and the types of discounts that are available. Additionally, there are informative articles on BIM-M, mixers and delivery systems, an update from The Masonry Foundation, and an article shedding some light on designing wall sections for adhered masonry veneer.  

There are tons of articles for everyone in this issue, so be sure to check them all out and be sure to make those moments count!  


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