Who’s Ready for 2019!

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

Who's Ready For 2019!

Bronzella Cleveland, Editor - bcleveland@masonrymagazine.com

This is my second year going to World of Concrete and it’s absolutely unreal how fast the past couple of months have gone by. I can’t help but be excited for the competitions, seeing familiar faces, and meeting new people.   Unlike the popular saying all over social media, “New Year, new me,” it’s just New Year, new goals. I’ll be the same (me) but with more goals to reach! As Dan has mentioned, there are tons of new things coming this year. I’m so proud to work on a publication that has been going strong for 58 years. It just shows the resiliency and tenacity of the industry and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. But I can tell you what’s to come in the New Year for the magazine and this issue.  We have an exciting new website for MASONRY, the combo issues Dan has mentioned, that will be coming to you in June and September, and of course new opportunities for the magazine. Those are just a few things that you’ll have to look forward to. But that’s enough of my rambling. Here’s what you’ll find in the first issue of 2019.   This is our World of Concrete issue, so you know there is quite a lot of information on the show. You will find a bronze lot map, summaries of the competitions and what to find in the Masonry Innovation and Workforce Development Zone. Last but certainly not least, be sure to check out the Hall of Fame introduction of the 2019 Inductees. A big congratulations to everyone inducted this year.  Our cover story is an insurance update, as most of you know the MCAA has been working diligently to obtain insurance plans for members. So here is an update from John Storto, he’s been instrumental in this process and we look forward to successful outcomes for the companies involved.   This month’s safety article is a contractor Q&A on regular safety meetings. We spoke with two mason contractors who won the 2018 MCAA Safety Advantage Awards. Paul Cantarella Jr. and Brandon Hartsell give great advice and ideas for ways to conduct effective and informative meetings. We appreciate your time and advice guys.   You’ll find a Tech Talk following my note, which focuses on self-consolidating grout and when it is right for a job. Discover what projects are best for this material and why. Friend of MASONRY and the MCAA, Derek Stearns writes about his journey with hardscaping. He always provides interesting facts and tips that we know you won’t want to miss.   Make sure you catch the fourth part of Joel Guth’s story in his Shop Talk series. He is an innovator and advocate for the industry. Additionally, you will find the second part of the Dry Stone Walls — Principles of Structurally Sound Construction article we ran in the November issue. The second half of this story provides steps to building dry stonewalls. I would also like to add a photo credit to part one of this article series to Mark Jurus DSWA-GB Advanced Certified Waller, from Hampstead MD.   I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year, Dan and I were afforded the opportunity to join AIAS at their 2018 Forum in Seattle and had a great time. We’ll see you in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks!  
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This issue’s questions come from an Architect, an Engineer. and a Mason Contractor. What questions do you have? Send them to info@masonrymagazine.com, attention Technical Talk.