So Many Good Things To Come

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

Bronzella Cleveland, Editor -

As I write this, I can’t help but notice how quickly the year has gone by. It feels like the year just started a couple months ago, but the progress we’ve made with the magazines has been phenomenal. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before this is my favorite time of the year.   I love the decorations, the holiday music, and of course the food. Dan and I are always discussing recipes and comparing menus and cooking styles, especially during the holidays. There’s always something to look forward to around this time of the year. I’m almost ready to break out the classic Christmas movies and watch them all.    But aside from the cliché holiday activities that I’m working into my weekends. We’re also getting ready for World of Concrete here in the MCAA office, and have tons of information to get you ready for the convention. So be sure to stop and read our World of Concrete teaser.   Along with the teaser we have tons of interesting stories for you to read this month. As you know we like to provide a safety article in every issue, sometimes two like last month’s issue. You’ll find a drone safety and regulations article in this issue. So if you’re considering using them on a jobsite or in an upcoming project this may help you to finalize that decision. Even if you use them now or if you’re looking for more information this article will be a great resource to have in your office.   The next installation of GEN NXT features an interview we’ve done with 2017 SPEC MIX Bricklayer 500 winner and Masonry Supervisor at Huntley Brothers Masonry Company, Matt Cash. Matt is passionate about the future of masonry and workforce development, you don’t want to miss his story and views on the industry.    Our cover story is an economic forecast written for us by the Sage Policy Group with the masonry industry specifically in mind. Sage Policy Group is a consulting firm out of Baltimore, Maryland and is known for its analytical expertise in topics such as construction, healthcare, and energy just to name a few. Make sure you stop and read this informative article.   There are also articles featuring Ryan Shaver, the North Carolina Mason Contractors Association (NCMCA) new Workforce Development and Training Coordinator. Ryan’s story is not only inspiring but a great example of what the industry needs to encourage the next generation of masons. Be sure to read Ryan’s story and plans for the near future. Last but certainly not least, make sure you take a look at our fireplace story. It just fits into the winter season. Who doesn’t love a nice brick or stone-built fireplace?   We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. As always send any ideas, questions, or comments you may have to Dan or myself. Happy Holidays from the MASONRY Publications team!   Until next time.
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