Supporting the Trade At Señor Frog’s: The MCAA’s Annual South of 40 Event

Words: The MCAA’s South of 40 Committee held its annual event at Las Vegas’ Señor Frog’s Tuesday, January 17, 2017 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. The mission of the South of 40 Committee is to provide members the opportunity to learn, to become more involved, and introduce a youthful voice into the masonry industry. Señor Frog's Restaurant & Bar at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino is the only place on the Strip dedicated to those looking to be adventurous and experience authentic Mexican hospitality and party atmosphere. Full of bright colors, sights, sounds, textures and fun, Señor Frog's Las Vegas features humor and outrageousness with original "butt" stools, attractive decorative elements, signs and banners on the walls and ceilings, and crazy antics of the servers creating a cool place to hangout for hours and spend the best of times in an informal way. South of 40 Event attendees were greeted by a swag table upon entering, with everyone receiving a baseball jersey sponsored by Amerimix with sleeves by ProBlock and MCAA strategic partner BMJ Stone. Additionally, attendees received a South of 40 hat, this year sponsored by the NCMCA Metrolina Chapter. SPEC MIX ensured that all attendees stayed hydrated by sponsoring the bar, and EZG manufacturing kept everyone fed through their buffet sponsorship. Table sponsors included: Cantarella and Son, Inc., B & D Associates, Inc., Sutter Masonry, Inc., G&G Enterprises, Elite Distribution, Inc., Ollier Masonry, Inc., Brazos Masonry, Inc., J. Construction Company, and Xtreme Manufacturing. Entertainment included jumbo four-player Pac-Man pit attendees against one another in a Battle Royale. Entertainment sponsor CAD BLOX showed off the latest in virtual reality developments for the masonry industry and digitally immersed guests in the trade. For more information regarding the South of 40 Committee, please visit About The MCAA’s South of 40 Committee: We will accomplish our goals by fostering lasting relationships, encouraging new ideas, and educating the leaders of tomorrow with the objective of increasing the masonry market share and ensuring our industry is as solid as the products we promote.
Words: Tim O’Toole and MASONRY Magazine Photos: Bruce Starrenburg
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