Case Study: Landmark Lofts Phase II

Words: Boulder, Colorado is home to tons of biking paths, mountains, picturesque scenery, and just off campus from the University of Colorado are the Landmark Lofts. This multifamily residential project is ideal for students seeking off-campus housing. It is the second of a two-phase plan. The complex consists of 138 units including an enclosed 61,000-sq. ft. parking garage, with 172 spaces and storage for 128 bikes, according to the Ammex Masonry website. The Landmark Lofts are a two-phase project. Phase 1 consists of 103 residential units, 800sq. ft. of retail and 137 park spaces. Following the bidding process, Ammex Masonry was chosen to work on this residential project. “We take our GC (general contractor) relationships very seriously and we believe that combined with our reputation for quality, experience, and trust, are why PCL Construction had confidence in awarding us the Landmark Lofts Phase II project,” Josh Cronholm, Vice President of Ammex Masonry contends. Frontier Mechanical Inc. teamed up with PCL Construction on the construction of the Landmark Lofts project, with the scope of work being the complete plumbing package, heating/cooling, and ventilation of both the parking garage and the 138 units. There was some stalling on the construction of this project in the beginning. However, with the financial hurdle beaten, the production started back up in 2014. CMU was specified for the parking garage structure, cast stone was chosen for caps and banding, and thin brick was chosen for the residential side of this project. “We used a Mortar Net product called LathNet, which is a patented drainage plane and metal lath system for adhered veneers,” Jaime Alvarez, President of Ammex Masonry and Project Manager cited. This was the first time this product was used. The CMUs were colored on the planters and grey units on the parking garage. Every construction project has challenges that need to be overcome before completion, and the Landmark Lofts are no different. The tolerances in the wood framing and the manufacturing of the thin brick posed major problems. Ammex Maosnry had to also face the challenge of the owner’s expectation of thin brick versus full-depth brick. With the climate conditions of Colorado, thin brick may not last as long or be as effective than other materials. “No project is without its challenges, which is why masonry construction is always stimulating,” Cronholm states. The Landmark Lofts Phase II project renamed 9 Seventy, was completed in December of 2015, offering apartments ranging in size of studio to three bedrooms. Each apartment decked out with hardwood-style floors, stainless steel appliances, modern fixtures, and in some apartments a balcony. Other amenities include a resort-style pool, a street-level coffee shop, a clubhouse and tons more. 9 Seventy’s outdoor space is open and inviting, encourage residents to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of Colorado. This includes a barbecue area adjacent to the pool, open spaces large enough for small to large gatherings, as well as bleacher-style seating steps with overhead lighting for people to hang out at any time.
Words: Bronzella Cleveland Photos: Ammex Masonry
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