Sponsored: Mortar Net Solutions™ Introduces DriPlane™

Words: Dan KamysMortar Net Solutions’ DriPlane™ provides a continuous drainage and ventilation plane behind exterior rainscreen and adhered masonry walls. DriPlane is installed between the structural wall and exterior cladding and can be used over continuous rigid insulation to help designers conform to ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. It is ideal for use with stucco, thin brick and stone, fiber cement, vinyl and wood siding, manufactured stone and most other absorptive claddings. The easy-to-install system consists of a 90 percent, open-weave polypropylene mesh with integrated drainage channels and a water- and vapor-permeable fabric attached to one side. Standard 1/4-inch-thick DriPlane comes in convenient 4-foot by 65-foot rolls for rapid coverage and fewer seams. It is also available in 3/8-inch (10 mm) and 3/4-inch thickness options. Unique UV-resistant packaging protects DriPlane rolls from degradation when they’re stored outside, and extra-large product labels make it easy for distributors to locate it when it’s stored on high racks and for contractors to quickly find it on the job site. DriPlane helps prevent water damage and eliminate callbacks by allowing veneers to drain quickly and dry completely. It acts as a capillary and mortar break between cladding and the weather-resistant barrier, which virtually eliminates mortar bridging and helps reduce labor costs by eliminating one layer of weather-resistant barrier. It also allows siding and veneers to move independently of the structural wall to help prevent damage due to variations in expansion/contraction rates of wall components. DriPlane helps designers and contractors create sustainable, trouble-free buildings they can be proud of for years. For more information, visit www.mortarnet.com/driplane.
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This issue’s questions come from an Architect, an Engineer. and a Mason Contractor. What questions do you have? Send them to info@masonrymagazine.com, attention Technical Talk.