NCCER Offers Written Assessment, Performance Verification for Journey-Level Masons

Words: Dan Kamys
June 29, 2016 — This year, NCCER released a written assessment and Performance Verification for journey-level masons. When an individual completes one of the two parts, he or she receives credentials that are tracked through NCCER's Registry System. Successful completion of both the written assessment and the Performance Verification allows a journey-level mason to become Certified Plus, NCCER's highest credential.
Topics included are: personnel safety, equipment, measurements, drawings, specifications, materials, installation and reinforcing, elevated and specialized masonry.

What Is NCCER's Registry System?

NCCER's Registry System is a secure database maintained by NCCER to track the names of individuals who have successfully completed any NCCER standardized training program conducted by an accredited organization. The system is accessible online and provides electronic submission and tracking of training, managing of instructor lists and confirmation of training units and records. It gives NCCER Accredited Training Sponsors the ability to manage training information online in a secure environment; individuals the ability to review their own training history; and contractors access to current and future employees’ training and assessment history.
Contact NCCER for more information.
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