Winter Saw Review

Words: Dan KamysMarch 2016

Saws, Saw Blades, Hammers and Grinders

By Jennifer Morrell

A saw, hammer or grinder – when built well – can bring measured productivity to the jobsite. On the same note, a subpar piece of equipment can bring sheer misery. Controlling dust, avoiding vibration, automatic cut-off capabilities and weight are all issues that can affect tremendously the way you do your job. Masonry Magazine has collected a few of the industry’s latest and greatest saws, saw blades, hammers and grinders to offer a review of some of the tools available to you and your crew. To submit your saw, saw blade, hammer or grinder for future consideration, email Karen Hickey,
  Bosch Power Tools of North America Mount Prospect, Ill. RH328VC-36 Bulldog 36V 1-1/8” SDS-plus Rotary Hammer RH328VC-36 Bulldog 36V 1-1/8” SDS-plus Rotary HammerBosch’s RH328VC-36 Bulldog 36V 1 1/8-inch SDS-plus Rotary Hammer offers maximum productivity with 2.4 foot-pounds of impact energy for fast, consistent drilling and chiseling in concrete. The vibration-dampened handle offers maximum comfort working all day. Active Response Technology (ART) separates the RH328VC-36 from the pack. ART is a sensor-based technology that shuts the tool off, should the bit get into a bind situation. The tool offers Electronic Precision Control (EPC), which offers users precise drilling, due to 70 percent power soft-start. EPC also helps in controlled chiseling/demolition, whereby only a portion of the concrete or brick needs to be removed. The hammer’s multi-function selector includes three operation modes: rotary hammer, rotation only and hammer only. The Bosch 36V BAT838 4.0 Ah battery offers added power to meet stringent jobsite requirements in concrete and delivers all-day runtime. The rotary hammer’s four-pole motor is lightweight and compact for a cordless hammer, but optimized for large-tool performance. DEWALT Towson, Md. Small Angle Grinders With Brake and Lanyard Ready Connection Small Angle Grinders With Brake and Lanyard Ready ConnectionDEWALT’s 4.5-inch Small Angle Grinders with brake (DWE4222N, DWE4222 and DWE4224) are for professionals who need to perform a variety of applications in tight spaces such as grinding and beveling steel, grinding welds, cutting pipe, and steel plate and concrete surface prep. The grinders feature a Lanyard Ready Connection, which allows users to utilize a lanyard to tether the grinder to rigid structures at jobsites, and brake that stops the wheel 50 percent faster, on average, than DWE402 model with DW4541 abrasive wheel. Key improvements include the Lanyard Ready Connection; improved brake system; a Dust Ejection System; an E-CLUTCH that activates in less than 1/10 second when a wheel pinch/stall event is detected; and the new motor design. A motor platform has been developed, yielding 40 percent more copper than the motor on the D28402, and upgrading the grinder to 11 Amps and adding another 200 max watts of output power. Equipment Development Company Inc. Frederick, Md. MS-20 Masonry Saw MS-20 Masonry SawThe MS-20 Masonry Saw is used by professional masons, block manufacturers, block masons, paver manufacturers, paver installers, landscape suppliers and masonry equipment suppliers. The saw has 14- to 20-inch, freestanding blade capacity. Gasoline units have large capacity, three-stage air filters that protect it from wear. Electric models include totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors with waterproof switchboxes. A belt-driven diaphragm water pump is standard on gasoline models and can be disconnected when cutting dry. Electric models have a submersible water pump and a thermal-protection shutoff. An optional electric start is available for gasoline models, and an optional easy start clutch kit is available. Hilti Plano, Texas Hand-Held Gas Saw DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X Hand-Held Gas Saw DSH 700-X and DSH 900-XThe Hilti hand-held gas saws DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X incorporate a technology called Easy Start that automatically sets the proper amount of choke for more first-pull starts. With Easy Start, there’s no need to worry about adjusting the choke. Simply flip the switch on, and pull the starter rope. Hilti’s Cyclone Air Filtration System removes most of the dust and debris from the engine air intake flow using centrifugal force. This process suctions the cleanest air from the center of the cyclone, which is then sent to the filter. The filter’s lifetime and performance is dramatically increased, meaning less downtime for contractors. The DSH 700-X is a 70-cc saw available in 12- and 14-inch models, while the DSH 900-X is a 90-cc saw in 14- and 16-inch models. Onsite maintenance is made simple, thanks to an easy-to-access and change starter rope, air filter housing and a reinforced blade guard. Husqvarna Construction Products Olathe, Kan. MS 360 Masonry Saw MS 360 Masonry SawThe Husqvarna MS 360 masonry saw offers 360 degrees of performance. With a cutting capacity of five inches deep and a 17.25-inch cutting length, it is the next generation of the MS 355 masonry saw. Features include 360 degrees of innovation: The saw is equipped with an exclusive water containment system, which keeps water, slurry and debris controlled – delivering a cleaner work piece and work space. Water is applied to the face of the blade, minimizing water use and allowing you to keep the work piece drier. Also featured is 360 degrees of cutting performance: The saw has the ability to make 22.5- and 45-degree bevel cuts. The saw head can switch between rip, plunge and miter cutting, making it fast and versatile on the jobsite. The saw has 360 degrees of ergonomics: The optional adjustable stand enables one person to move the MS 360 around the jobsite. Milwaukee Tool Brookfield, Wis. SDS Max SDS MaxMilwaukee has developed a single battery system solution that meets the full range of user needs in each distinct rotary hammer market segment, using M18 FUEL technologies. The full system includes a lightweight M18 FUEL SDS Max Rotary Hammer with 1 9/16-inch drilling capacity. The hammer is the first of its kind to provide SDS Max drilling and chipping in a cordless solution. Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL technology and new 9.0 High Demand Battery allow the hammer to deliver the performance required for the most demanding applications, including dry coring and medium duty chipping in both block and poured concrete. Milwaukee combines three exclusive innovations, the POWERSTATE brushless motor, REDLITHIUM battery pack, and REDLINK PLUS intelligence. The M18 FUEL SDS Max Rotary Hammer will be the first M18 tool to launch with this battery, eliminating the cord from the traditionally corded SDS Max Rotary Hammer and maximizing productivity. MK Diamond Products Inc. Torrance, Calif. Veneer and Corner Cutting Jig Veneer and Corner Cutting JigMK Diamond Products has developed the Higgins Jig for production veneer cutting that increases production rates up to three times when cutting brick, block and stone veneer. The tool incorporates decades of brick-cutting experience from Higgins Brick. The patent-pending design allows for a two-step process for cutting corner brick veneer. When compared to the usual four- to five-step process, the Higgins Jig can reduce cutting time to just 10 seconds, depending on the type of material being cut. Another advantage to the two-pass cutting method for corner veneers is that the amount of time the blade spends in the cut is reduced, and results in an extension of the cutting life of the blade. Using the jig, you can cut brick veneer for lintel corner, two- x eight-inch corners and paver corners. The Higgins Jig adjusts to cut veneer any thickness. An optional riser is available, which raises the brick three inches. Norton Worchester, Mass. i-HD Technology for Diamond Tool Manufacturing i-HD Technology for Diamond Tool ManufacturingNorton has developed Infiltrated High Density Technology (i-HD) that, combined with the patented laser welding process, is a significant breakthrough in diamond tool technology. Research and development of i-HDTM has led to further improvements in blade performance, safer products, lower energy manufacturing needs and a wider availability of segment design. Norton applies an innovative manufacturing process that allows the company to laser-weld special-shaped segments on to the steel center. The tool cutting speed is improved by 30 percent on average, with a high and uniform density across the whole segment that makes the product last at least 20 percent longer than those made by the standard process. i-HDTM technology works by providing a uniform density across each whole segment without applying high pressure. A special bond impregnates the core structure and binds the diamond grit into the segment. The diamond grit is an integral part of the segment structure.
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