November 2015 Table of Contents

Words: Dan Kamys

Masonry MagazineTable of Contents

November 2015

Volume 54, Number 11 FEATURES Handheld Tools for Masons A look at several different handheld tools that are taking the spotlight for mason contractors who want the job done right Brick: An Old Way to a Better Tomorrow Brick remains a leading building material for delivering high performance, low maintenance, long life and a comparatively small footprint. Navigating LEED v4 for Concrete Masonry A brief description of how concrete masonry can contribute to points in LEED v4 Natural Stone A new Marble Institute of America CEU course will teach stone specification.


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Building a Sustainable Future with Brick: Benefits and Impact

In both residential and commercial building design and construction, there is a growing awareness and commitment to minimizing environmental impact while improving health, comfort, and overall well-being.

GEN NXT: Sam Berryman

In today's evolving landscape of skilled trades, where tradition meets innovation, Sam Berryman's journey into the masonry industry is not just a career choice but a testament to heritage, passion, and the profound rewards of hard work. Influenced by his

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The Corporate Transparency Act: What You Need to Know

Like many government regulations, the intent may be clear and worthwhile, but the implementation causes more harm to law-abiding citizens and business owners than it does to actually block or punish the bad actors the regulation was meant to address.

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The Walkaround Rule is Misguided

As we work together to help rebuild a strong economy, workplace safety is an important consideration in rulemaking; however, the Walkaround Rule, which went into effect at the end of May, won’t bolster workplace safety but rather burden small businesses.