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Masonry tool companies are offering a plethora of saws, saw blades, hammers and grinders to masons in 2015 and into 2016. As we review several of the latest and greatest products offered to the masonry industry, Norton Construction Products reminds us how to use these products safely. Always wear proper safety equipment, says Norton, including safety glasses, safety footwear, snug-fitting clothing, hearing and head protection, and respiratory equipment, where required. Several safety practices should be observed when sawing with masonry saws, including keeping the area around the saw free from debris that could cause falls, and prohibiting the use of the saw by unauthorized or untrained personnel. The saw should be positioned on a firm, flat area. Assure that the saw will not move in use. For dry cutting, use a blade that is marked for dry cutting, and dry cut only in large, open areas with adequate ventilation. When wet cutting, assure that the water level covers the screen on the bottom of the pump at all times. Don’t let sludge and dirt collect deeply enough in the pan to block the pump inlet. For more information, visit Enjoy productive and safe cutting, hammering and grinding on your jobsite.
GTS1041A REAXX Portable Jobsite Table SawBosch Mt. Prospect, Ill.

GTS1041A REAXX Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Bosch introduces the REAXX Portable Jobsite Table Saw, the first saw with flesh-detecting Active Response Technology. The Bosch Active Response Technology platform, first launched on Bosch Brute Tough hammer drill/drivers, helps reduce the risk of injury to users by combining advanced Bosch sensors and electronics with mechanical injury-prevention systems. The Active Response Technology system on the REAXX table saw rapidly detects human flesh that comes in contact with the blade and drops the saw blade below the tabletop. This high-speed action helps reduce the potential of serious user injury and occurs without damaging the blade. After activation, the system can be reset in less than 60 seconds. A single, two-shot cartridge enables activation for two incidents before replacement is needed. Just rotate the activation cartridge and reset the drop mechanism, and the REAXX table saw is ready to go. All necessary parts, instructions and wrenches are located onboard the saw, including storage for extra activation cartridges. 20V MAX* XR Brushless SDS HammerDEWALT Towson, Md.

20V MAX* XR Brushless SDS Hammer

DEWALT’s 1” 20V MAX* XR™ Brushless SDS Hammer (DCH273P2) is the first brushless rotary hammer available from this professional power tool brand. Ideal for use in concrete drilling applications, the 1” 20V MAX* XR™ Brushless SDS Hammer is powered by a DEWALT-built brushless motor that provides 2.1 Joules of Impact Energy**, and is optimized for chipping work and drilling diameters of ½ inch or less. With only 6.6 m/s² vibration felt by the user at the handle, this lightweight, SHOCKS equipped rotary hammer is designed for comfortable use. The 1” 20V MAX* XR™ Brushless SDS Hammer comes kitted with a 5-amp hour lithium ion battery and is compatible with DEWALT’s onboard cordless HEPA dust extractor (D25303DH sold separately). The rotary hammer also includes a retractable utility hook that allows it to be hung not only from a belt, but also lifts, ladders, carts, etc. *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18. **According to EPTA-procedure 05/2009. Diamond Cutting Discs SPX, SP and PHilti Plano, Texas

Diamond Cutting Discs SPX, SP and P

Hilti introduces its diamond cutting discs in three new performance levels: Equidist SPX, SP and P.  Each blade operates with its own unique capacity to increase productivity, versatility and speed, even in the most demanding of applications. While all three blades are meant for cutting, resizing and reshaping in a wide range of construction materials, including hard and reinforced concrete, concrete, masonry, natural stone, etc., masonry professionals will find the SPX disc to be the ultimate for masonry applications. For use with all Hilti hand-held diamond cutting tools, including angle grinders and circular saws, these one-, three- and five-star performance rated diamond blades are competitively priced to fit your needs. MS 360 Masonry SawHusqvarna   Olathe, Kan.

MS 360 Masonry Saw

Husqvarna Construction Products’ latest masonry saw is the MS 360. It has a cutting capacity of five inches deep and a 17.25-inch cutting length. The MS 360 is Husqvarna’s first masonry saw equipped with a patented water containment system, which keeps water, slurry and debris controlled, delivering a cleaner work piece and work space. The water is stored in a separate water tank that can be removed from the cart for filling and cleaning, but is also housed in the cart, enabling the user to move saw and water around easily. A double water splash guard decreases water spray behind the saw and makes cleaning easier. This masonry saw has the ability to make 22.5-degree and 45-degree bevel cuts. The saw head can switch between plunge and miter cutting. 14" Ultra-Premium Segmented Diamond BladeMakita U.S.A. La Mirada, Calif.

14" Ultra-Premium Segmented Diamond Blade

The Makita 14" Ultra-Premium Segmented Diamond Blade is a diamond blade engineered for reduced noise, lower vibration, and longer blade life. The blade features unique M-shaped segments that are laser welded to the blade, and each segment is scrutinized under quality control to exacting standards. The 3D Diamond Grid means the diamonds are arranged in a precise three-dimensional arrangement for optimal cutting speed. It also delivers real benefits for users with reduced noise, lower vibration and longer blade life. Noise and vibration reduction technology is built into every blade by utilizing laminated plates for reduced vibration and noise. These versatile blades will cut through a variety of materials including concrete, asphalt and granite. It is an ideal accessory for 14-inch power cutters. M18 FUEL Delivers First Cordless Braking Grinder SolutionMilwaukee Tool Milwaukee

M18 FUEL Delivers First Cordless Braking Grinder Solution

Milwaukee Tool introduces a cordless braking grinder solution. Stopping accessories in under two seconds and delivering up to 10X longer tool life, the M18 FUEL* Braking Grinder is the only cordless braking grinder on the market with the power to grind. The cordless braking grinder features the same metal housing and gearing system responsible for delivering the legendary performance and durability found in Milwaukee’s high-performance corded grinders. To further maximize durability, a removable Job Site Armor screen is in place to prevent debris contamination overtime. The M18 FUEL Grinder is a 100 percent tool-free product. Whether the user is adjusting the guard or replacing accessories, all changes can be made without a wrench, utilizing a FIXTEC nut. To increase comfort and reduce fatigue during extended use, an anti-vibration handle reduces vibration, while an extremely thin body design delivers optimized balance to rest easily in the users hands. MX-5 Masonry SawMK Diamond Products Inc. Torrance, Calif.

MX-5 Masonry Saw

MK Diamond Products introduces the MX-5 Masonry Saw, built for mason contractors. This saw is powered by a five-horsepower Baldor, 220-volt, single-phase motor. The single micro-V belt system offers maximum horsepower transfer from the motor to the blade shaft. Two self-aligning flange bearings ensure that the blade shaft will always run true and offer easy access for maintenance. The standard 20-inch aluminum blade guard provides rust-proof longevity and lower decibel levels during cutting. The stay level blade guard gives 180-degree coverage at all times and keeps the blade guard parallel to the cutting table for accurate cuts. The heavy-duty cast aluminum conveyor cart provides greater material support and capacity. An open-back design allows for material up to 23 inches long to be cut. The integrated forklift brackets offer safe and convenient transportation of the saw to and around the jobsite. Accessories include an electric water pump, 14-inch masonry blade and rip guide. Clipper BBT157 Masonry SawNorton   Valley Forge, Pa.

Clipper BBT157 Masonry Saw

The BBT157 is the ideal masonry saw for the mason looking for portability and precision cutting capability. Whether it’s trimming pavers for a patio or walkway, building a new retaining wall, or cutting bricks for an archway, precise and clean cuts are a necessity. The Norton Clipper BBT157 offers a 1.5-hp, 115-volt motor, and a 14-inch diamond blade capacity to make those five-inch cuts quick and easy. Backed by a heavy-duty, jig-welded steel frame, it has a built-in miter cut design that enables a 45- to 90-degree pivoting function.
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