Side Story: Product Spotlight - T-Brace Increases Scaffold Safety

Words: Dan Kamys

June 2008 Adjustable Scaffolding

T-Brace Increases Scaffold Safety The T-Brace is made to increase span and rigidity of walk-boards and scaffolding planks on project sites. The product works with pump jacks, ladder jacks, sawhorses, site-built riggings, and various scaffolding systems.

T-Brace Increases Scaffold SafetyBy inserting a 2 X 10 board horizontally in the top opening of the brace and a 2 X 6 board vertically in the bottom of the brace, a t-beam is created. This allows for longer spans between supports, in most cases doubling or tripling without intermediate bracing. The versatility of the T-Brace allows users to customize walk-board lengths to site conditions.

T-Brace's powder-coated steel construction provides durability and can withstand up to 500 pounds of weight. For more information, visit

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