Side Story: Lesson in Going Green

Words: Dan KamysOctober 2008

Green Building

Hohmann & Barnard Inc. (H&B), manufacturer of anchor and wire reinforcement systems for masonry, is leading the way by incorporating "green" technologies into its product mix. First, many of the company's products contain large percentages of recycled content including their wire reinforcement and masonry wire ties, which are now fabricated from up to 99 percent post-industrial recycled materials. Other products, such as Mortar Net and their Rebonded Rubber, are also fabricated either entirely or substantially from recycled materials. More recently, Hohmann & Barnard has developed a green membrane wall flashing product, Textroflash Green, and the company has introduced an environmentally friendly, fluid-applied air/vapor barrier product, Textroflash Liquid. With six manufacturing facilities around the country, the 500-mile radius stipulation for green credits is quite often satisfied by H&B. Hohmann & Barnard products have been used on many well-known green projects, including the renowned Solaire at Battery Park City in New York, known as the First Green Residential High Rise in North America. H&B has also recently supplied The Bronx Zoo Madagascar Lion House Renovation, which is the First LEED Gold NYC Landmark. Hohmann & Barnard's 2008 catalog includes a notation by every item that contains recycled materials with the percentage and type of recycled content of product. This way, contractors, architects, engineers and building owners can quickly determine which of their products qualify as green. As a USGBC member, the company currently dedicates about 50 percent of its marketing budget toward the advertising and promotion of its green products and green building efforts. Recently, Hohmann & Barnard Inc. Marketing, a division of the parent company located in Long Island, N.Y., opened their new office in Lafayette, Ind., with a goal to be the first LEED-certified commercial interior office in the city of Lafayette. The project showcased several innovative features, including a rain barrel system used to water interior pollutant-absorbing plants. Eighty percent of the building's interior used recycled materials with finishes, such as carpet containing recycled fiber and low emissions paint. Also, bike storage within the building caters to the firms marketing officers. Recycled furnishings within the interior include used office furniture found within 90 miles of the office, which allows for a LEED point. Hohmann & Barnard clearly is committed to the research, development and manufacture of environmentally friendly products. With a company-wide focus on the importance of going green, H&B has become an industry leader in this area. H&B truly "walks the walk." Return to the feature story: "Green Building" Return to Table of Contents
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