Mixing It Up

Words: Dan KamysMarch 2015

Which mixer is right for your crew on your jobsite? Here’s a place to start.

By Jennifer Morrell Mixers-Px_MultiquipMost mason contractors will tell you that once they find a mixer, pump and/or delivery system with which they are comfortable and happy, then chances are, they’ll be loyal to that brand. This is a recurring theme in masonry construction. Whether it’s a saw blade, a type of scaffolding or a mortar mixer, masons stick to what works. If you’re in the market for a new mortar mixer, Masonry has a few reviews that might help you to understand not only what’s out there, but also the benefits that are right for your jobsite. Following are a few overviews of today’s latest and greatest mixers


Masonry Grout Pump Pumpmaster PG-35Cincinnati, Ohio Masonry Grout Pump Pumpmaster PG-35 The Pumpmaster PG-35 is an innovative pump for grouting and shotcrete. Pump masonry grout, mortar, pea gravel, shotcrete and more to the exact point where needed, easily and efficiently. Compact and powerful, this high-power work saver fits on the jobsite and empties a ready mix truck in an hour, reducing labor costs as it increases efficiency and portability. The PG-35 offers switch hydraulics, variable speed pumping with forward and reverse, and fork slots are included for convenience. Other features include 10 yards per hour production rate; a swing tube material valve; self-propelled movement; and an optional skid mount or electric power. www.airplaco.com Blastcrete Equipment Co. D3522 Attachment -  Alternative for Hot Epoxy GroutingAnniston, Ala. D3522 Attachment - Alternative for Hot Epoxy Grouting The D3522 Attachment from Blastcrete Equipment Co. is the only hot epoxy pump on the market that can be powered by an existing hydraulic power source. It is lighter, more versatile and much more affordable than hot epoxy pumps and mixer/pump combinations with built-in power supplies, especially since skid steers and other equipment with auxiliary hydraulic hookups can power the unit. The D3522 Attachment features a hydraulic squeeze (peristaltic) pump that is built for long life and low total cost of ownership. The pump has two rollers that rotate clockwise and squeeze a two-inch rubber pumping tube. The epoxy materials do not come in contact with the moving parts of the squeeze pump, unlike a rotor stator or piston-style pump. And, operators can safely reverse the pump for five seconds to relieve pressure on the delivery hose if the pump becomes plugged. www.blastcrete.com


Towable Concrete MixerCarson, Calif. Towable Concrete Mixer Multiquip, a portable mixers company, expands its line with the introduction of a new 12-cubic-foot concrete mixer. The new MC12PH, the largest concrete mixer in Multiquip’s product range, enables contractors to maximize productivity, while tackling the toughest jobs. Featuring an EasyClean polyethylene design, contractors can break dried material loose quickly from the drum by simply striking it with a mallet. The oversized dump wheel facilitates loading material into wheelbarrows. Smooth towing on the job and over the highway is assured by cantilever spring suspension. The steel frame is fabricated to withstand punishing work site conditions and a steel engine cowling protects the engine. The mixer is powered by an easy starting Honda GX340 engine. www.multiquip.com

TK Equipment Inc.  

HD Mortar MixerLaredo, Texas HD Mortar Mixer When you are at the worksite, it is hard to find the perfect companion that will provide you with the necessary equipment with high-quality and that won’t empty your wallet. This is something TK Equipment has been focused on for more than 55 years to create the best-engineered mortar mixer. It has all the aspects you want to see on a mixer in the same place. TK mixers feature a square shaft for a perfect paddle grip; one-inch thickness paddles; a cast iron bull gear, drum hubs and pillow blocks; a single piece squared frame; and a reinforced axle with high-speed hubs and four gussets (two per side). There’s a timing automotive belt on the drive system. Also included are ergonomic grips on handles; spring-loaded hood latches; and 3/8-inch rubber wipers. www.tkequip.com

The Toro Co.

MM-858H-P Mortar Mixer GX240 Bloomington, Minn. MM-858H-P Mortar Mixer GX240 The Toro Co. offers innovative turf, landscape rental and construction equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. Toro’s MM-858H-P Mortar Mixer is a popular product for rental store owners and contractors alike. Thanks to the patented drum latch and front post latch, masonry crews will enjoy simple operation. The multi-point bag splitter resists bending, and makes quick work of tough plastic bag liners. Additionally, lift-away, heavy-duty safety guards optimize operator protection and provide easy access to clean the components, and the patented guard lifter automatically moves the guard out of the way, while the mix is being dumped. A Honda GX240 engine powers the MM-858H-P Mortar Mixer, and the hopper holds up to eight cubic feet, making this unit a productive and powerful mortar mixer for heavy-duty applications. www.toro.com
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