March 2015: Full Contact Project Management

Words: Dan KamysMarch 2015

Hall of Fame Leadership

headshot-px_fcpm-gary-micheloniBy “Coach” Gary Micheloni As I write this column, the Super Bowl is about to begin. With all of the accompanying media hype, it might be difficult to think about anything else – if not for a really super athlete named Junior Seau. Sure, I’m prejudiced, living as I do here in Junior’s hometown. But when he was nominated to the NFL Hall of Fame, everybody in the country seemed in agreement. Junior was was all about excellence on the job, but he was equally known for giving back to his community. He was someone who was not afraid to show how much he cared. It’s funny how high performance in the field – or on the jobsite – often translates into the same kind of effort in a neighborhood or community. It stems from leadership and makes for a great resume. Consider Junior’s:
  • 268 games played; only 20 men have played more games, and 11 of those were special teams (Junior played linebacker)
  • In 64 of those games, he had 10 or more tackles
  • In 20 seasons played, he had 56.5 sacks, 18 interceptions and 98 pass breakups
As a fresh, new year unfolds for you and your business, the economy likely will be a lot like it was last year: It’s probably going to be a bumpy ride. But you really need for it to be at least a little better than last year. Consider this: Junior Seau was a fierce competitor, yet he did have fears. “I’m afraid of being average; I have a real fear of being just another linebacker,” he said. Let me borrow from Junior and rephrase it for our benefit: On the jobsite, never be average. Have a fear of being just another contractor. Consider the brilliance behind that line of thinking. The world is filled with mason contractors who can do a pretty good job, and your prospective client could pick any of them instead of you. What’s your claim to fame? Can you demonstrate superior craftsmanship? How fast can you tackle an obstacle or leap over a hurdle? Are you seen as someone involved in your trade association or helping with community projects? You see, for Junior, being less than an “all star” meant being less than excellent. His mindset was to never quit. As a matter of fact, after he thought his playing days were over, that he had nothing excellent still to give, he retired from the Chargers – but only for a day. Junior discovered that he still had some gas left in his tank, after all. He played another three years for the Dolphins and then four more years for the Patriots. And, he got to play in a second Super Bowl. So, here we are, early in 2015. What are your business plans for surviving another year and even growing a little? Before you decide you’ve had enough or that maybe it’s time to throw in the trowel, see if you still have a little excellence left in your own tank. Lead your team to even more wins this year. Make it a super year. Copyright 2015 Gary Micheloni

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