Mortar Net Releases CompleteFlash Corner Boots and End Dams, and MPE-1 Sealant

Words: Dan Kamys

Mortar Net Releases CompleteFlash Corner Boots and End Dams, and MPE-1 Sealant

Mortar Net Solutions has introduced a new synthetic rubber/polypropylene blend version of its CompleteFlash 14" High Corner Boots and end dams, and a reformulated version of its MPE-1 modified polyether sealant. The current thermoplastic vinyl and thermoplastic polyolefin corner boots and end dams will continue to be available. The reformulated MPE-1 replaces the existing formula.

The new CompleteFlash synthetic rubber/polypropylene (RP) blend material consists of dynamically vulcanized rubber in a polypropylene matrix. It combines excellent elastic properties with the processing ease of thermoplastics, and resists high temperatures up to 2750 F. It has high impact strength and excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation (UV), chemicals, weathering and abrasion. It is 100% recyclable, so production waste is nearly zero and salvaged material can be made into new products.

The new CompleteFlash 14" High Corner Boots and end dams are 100% compatible with the new TotalFlash EPDM membrane, as well as PVC, TPO and copper membranes, all available from Mortar Net Solutions.   

The reformulated MPE-1 forms an aggressive bond between the new CompleteFlash products and the TotalFlash EPDM membrane, making it easy to create water- and air-tight joints between them. The new MPE-1 formula also bonds to all other TotalFlash membranes except TPO. Butyl sealants are also compatible with the synthetic rubber/polypropylene blend.

The synthetic rubber/polypropylene blend CompleteFlash 14" High Corner Boots and end dams are competitively priced and are the only one-piece, injection-molded boots and dams in the market today made from this material. TotalFlash, MPE-1 and CompleteFlash are available from masonry products distributors throughout the United States and Canada.

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