ASTM International Releases New Product Category Rules for Several Cements

Words: Dan Kamys

ASTM International has released the final product category rules (PCR) for portland, blended hydraulic,
masonry, mortar and plastic stucco cements.

Development of PCR for the cement industry elevates the visibility and adoption of cement’s sustainable
benefits. Product category rules are the basis for environmental product declarations (EPDs), which provide
quantified environmental data using predetermined parameters. Ultimately, EPDs allow purchasers and
users to make informed comparisons between building materials when using life cycle analysis on
construction projects. EPDs rely upon the detailed instructions for data collection and life cycle assessment
calculations found within the PCR.

“I commend our member cement companies for collaborating on a standardized method for discussing
information about the environmental impact of several cement products,” says Cary Cohrs, PCA Board
of Directors chairman. “Through this process, we are able to truly understand the impact of cement
on the environment.”

According to ASTM, “In order to create a comparable EPD, they must follow the same rules,” said
Christopher Surak, director of certification programs at ASTM International. “PCRs, similar to standards,
are developed in a collaborative manner and ASTM is uniquely positioned to provide the venue for
developing an industry PCR.”

The final copy is accessible for public download at the ASTM International website:

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