Saw Blades: Making the Cut

Words: Dan Kamys

Having recently returned from the World of Concrete/World of Masonry show in Las Vegas, I was able to see firsthand the progress that the saw blade industry continues to make, year after year. Durability and long life are ongoing goals. Blades created for specific purposes stole the show, from mortar-removal blades to the latest in tuckpointing-purposed blades. General-purpose blades still are in demand, and even a basic blade packs a wealth of functionality and ingenuity. Following are several saw blades that are new to the market and promise to get the job done better, in less time.

Tuckpointing Sandwich Blade


Deteriorating mortar leads to water seepage, which can ruin the structural integrity of a building. This critical application demands high-quality, long-lasting diamond tuckpointing blades that can withstand a harsh environment. Bosch sandwich tuckpointing blades are built to the highest standards of quality in the industry. By combining tall segments and a superior diamond/metal mix with an efficient and fast sandwich-blade design, Bosch has created long-lasting tuckpointing blades that are designed to grind more surface area than competitive blades. These eight-segment blades are made exclusively for dry tuckpointing applications with blade widths of 6.35 mm (?? inch) and cutting depths ranging from .75 inch for 4.5-inch blades to 1.25 inch for 5-inch blades. Typical applications for tuckpointing blades include mortar removal in brick buildings and grout removal in commercial tile applications that include waste water treatment plants and subway tunnels.


Laser Welded All-Purpose Blade from Diamond VantageDiamond Vantage

Diamond Vantage introduces the Laser Welded All-Purpose Blade. This is Diamond Vantage’s newest all-purpose blade. It is equipped with new .472-inch (12mm) hybrid notched turbo segments for aggressive cutting of a wide range of materials, from cured concrete to asphalt, and everything in between. The blade also features wedge segments for undercut protection. And the best part? This new blade is proudly manufactured in Irvine, Calif. The company promises performance, competitively priced.

Hilti DS-BB Masonry Diamond Blades

Hilti Tulsa, Okla.

The Hilti DS-BB Masonry Diamond Blades help make a mason’s job easier by providing fast cutting to help get the job done on time. The DS-BB blades are designed to match the RPM and horsepower of stationary saws, thus providing optimum speed and life for the most productivity, and providing fast cutting, long life and more operator comfort. These blades feature tensioned cores, which allow straighter cutting, reduction in waste and improvement of the operator’s quality of work and efficiency. They also improve the work environment for the operator and surrounding workers, because they make less noise during cutting than regular masonry blades.


HusqvarnaHusqvarna Banner Line BLM Series Olathe, Kan.

The Husqvarna Banner Line BLM series of masonry blades covers all cutting needs. The series includes four blade specifications. The Gold 1 BLM is perfect for fast, free cutting of various types of brick: dense/hard brick, brick pavers, fired refractory, acid brick and medium-hard brick. The Blue 1 BLM is a general purpose blade for cutting medium-hard to hard brick, stone, hard concrete block and combination brick (80 percent brick, 20 percent block). The Red 1 BLM is another general purpose blade for cutting brick and hard paving block (50 percent brick, 50 percent block), abrasive granite and has a longer life cutting soft brick and fast cutting of block. The last blade in the series, the Red 8 BLM, is perfect for cutting abrasive lightweight block and has a longer life when cutting combination block and soft brick (20 percent brick, 80 percent block). All blades are available in 14 and 20 inches. MK-742DSL Dry-Cutting Diamond BladeMK Diamond Products Inc. Torrance, Calif.

MK Diamond Products’ MK-742DSL dry-cutting diamond blade is a silent core blade that has been engineered using an arrayed pattern of diamonds that are aligned for maximum abrasion and material removal. The arrayed pattern allows all the diamonds to work in unison, increasing cutting efficiency by 65 percent over conventional blades. The MK-742DSL has the benefit of a Sandwich Core, manufactured with two steel cores laminated with a copper center that provides the greatest sound reduction. This is beneficial on jobsites where controlling the cutting noise level is an issue near schools or hospitals. In addition, a quieter blade reduces the chance of hearing loss for an operator. The silent core also reduces vibration for operator safety and longer blade life. The MK-742DSL has a 10-mm segment height and is available in 14-inch diameters.

Norton Norton 4X4 Family Valley Forge, Pa.

When it comes to daily concrete work, you never know where or what you will be cutting. The Norton 4X4 family of diamond blades provides a multi-purpose solution that truly cuts everything: concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, building materials, ductile and metal. Cutting water pipe and then to asphalt over concrete for patch work? No problem. The Norton 4X4 blade does just that with an improved diamond bond configuration that cuts faster and lasts longer. Cutting more steel, rebar or other metal? Then the 4X4 Max Cut is the blade you need in your arsenal. It excels in these applications, giving the blade more life than any other on the market today. It cuts everything the 4X4 does. Only performing concrete or abrasive materials cutting? Then the 3X3 is a wise choice. It’s priced right with great performance.

TS 480i STIHL Cutquik Cut-Off MachineStihl Inc. Virginia Beach, Va.

TS 480i STIHL Cutquik gives professionals the ideal 12-inch companion for construction and demolition operations. The TS 480i features an electronically controlled fuel-injection system to deliver 17 percent more power and 15 percent greater cutting speed, as compared to the STIHL TS 410, while offering the convenience of electronic water control as standard. The STIHL computer-controlled fuel injection system continuously and precisely determines fuel mixture and ignition timing for optimal performance. The standard electronic water control feature allows for easy and efficient water flow adjustment while cutting, storing the last-use setting information that was used; and water flow automatically stops at idle speed and starts again when the throttle is engaged. This well-rounded performer with low exhaust emissions offers high torque and unparalleled responsiveness throughout the RPM range. Compact, lightweight and well-balanced, the TS 480i is designed for superior handling and comfortable operation.

World Diamond SourceGeneral Purpose Extreme Blade Pompano Beach, Fla.

The General Purpose Extreme is the only true general purpose masonry blade proven to give extremely long life. Each blade comes with 3/8-inch wave-style segments with speed notches for instant cutting speed and extended blade life in all masonry materials. The slanted slot design keeps the blade cooler and helps remove slurry while the blade is in rotation. This blade is prepressed out of the box for instant speed. Every blade is double laser welded for strength and safety. We make them with universal arbors or custom for every saw manufacturer, so no adapters are needed. Anyone can make a blade look good; these are built to last. It is built for use on all table or hand-held cut-off saws, available in 12 and 14 inches.

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