Cutting to the Chase: Saws for Masons

Words: Dan Kamys

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No matter the task or function in question, the masonry saw industry has researched and developed the perfect saw for the job. Lighter weight, faster, dust-controlling, cordless, more compact – you name the benefit, and the industry has it to offer. Following are informative reviews of just a few of the saws available for your mason contractor arsenal.


Olathe, Kan. K 3000 Vac

The Husqvarna K 3000 Vac can be used in dust-sensitive locations and is an electric power cutter equipped with a dust-reducing unit. It was designed to be used when it is not possible to use water, or in confined areas where gas shouldn’t be used and dust needs to be contained. Reducing dust creates a better working environment for the operator and surrounding area, while also shortening clean-up time.

The K 3000 Vac’s features increase efficiency and operator ergonomics. Elgard, an advanced electronic overload protection system, varies the rotation speed to warn of an approaching overload. The electronic Softstart feature enables the power cutter to start with normal, slow-acting fuses, and the generously dimensioned miter gear provides high durability, minimal power loss and low noise levels. In addition, the blade rotates forward, cutting material efficiently and with minimal strain on the operator. The K 3000 Vac also can be used without the dust-reducing attachment.


ArbortechLeominster, Mass. AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw

Arbortech’s AS170 brick and mortar saw, with its patented Allsaw technology, offers extreme levels of precision, accuracy, control and safety. Its patented cutting technology uses a unique orbital cutting motion with two forward-facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and a cutting action that allows for the user to have clear visibility and the ability to accurately cut squarely and deeply. Weighing 9.5 pounds, the AS170 saw has a cutting depth of 4 3/4 inches and a cutting width of 1/4 inch. The saw features a 13-amp motor constructed with a dust-resistant design.

The AS170 generates little flydust, protecting the operator and creating a cleaner and safer environment. In addition to brick and mortar, the AS170 can be used to cut fiber cement, fast block, soft sandstone, natural limestone, softer stone, hardwood, chip or plywood, tree roots in the ground, foam, PVC, acrylic and fiberglass sheet.

Diamond Vantage

Diamond VantageIrvine, Calif. MS-3 Electric Dry Masonry Saw

Weighing in at only 57 pounds, the MS-3 Dry Masonry Saw from Diamond Vantage can be transported easily to any jobsite. Despite its lightweight design, the MS-3 is made from heavy-duty steel and aluminum, ensuring structural??rigidity. It is powered by a 1.5-horsepower electric motor, which is shrouded by a motor filter that helps protect against dust particle damage.

The MS-3 has an eight- X eight- X 16-inch cutting capacity, 14-inch blade capacity and five-inch depth of cut. The convenient open design in the back of the saw allows for large materials to pass through. The head on the MS-3 is spring loaded, and is lockable in the down position for transport. The combination of power and versatility that the MS-3 provides makes it an ideal choice for dry cutting masonry applications. Included is a one-year warranty.


HiltiTulsa, Okla. DSH 700 Hand Held Gas Saw

The Hilti DSH 700 Hand Held Gas Saw is designed to incorporate features and requirements that professionals have asked for, like high power for fast cutting speed and easy-to-remember starting procedure with simple controls. It gives operators productivity with less downtime.

The DSH 700 performs in a variety of construction materials, including cutting wet/dry concrete and asphalt for small repair projects, expansion joints and curbs, and brick and concrete block for small floor or wall openings. It also cuts metal deck, rebar, bolts dowel bars, grating and other metals. Built to enhance the operator’s experience, the isolated handles with metal springs minimize vibrations and maximize saw control. And, with a simple counter-clockwise starting procedure and a primer bulb for fewer pulls, starting the Hilti DSH 700 is easy. It also comes standard with a cyclone filtration system (no pre-filter) and simple rope replacement for easy maintenance and maximum durability.

iQ Power Tools Inc.

iQ Power Tools Inc. Moreno Valley, Calif. iQ360 Masonry Chop Saw

The iQ360 is a 14-inch masonry chop saw with a fully-integrated dust collection on a singular power source. Tested to capture 99.5 percent of the dust, the saw allows you to cut stone, brick, pavers and tile, virtually dust-free, even indoors. The iQ360 saves an average of 1.5 man hours per day in cleanup costs alone. It eliminates slurry and stain in finished products, freeze/thaw problems in cut materials, mud hazards and contaminated soil. It even helps save lives by protecting workers from exposure to dangerous crystalline silica dust. Designed and tested by masons with years of on-the-job experience, the iQ360 is made of tough, high-impact materials to endure the rigors of daily jobsite use, while still lightweight and portable.


MetaboWest Chester, Pa. Cordless Jig Saw

Metabo Corp. introduces a cordless jig saw, the STA 18 LTX, which is part of the Power Master Series??of 18 V lithium-ion cordless power tools.??The saw can cut more than 98 feet of chipboard with just one battery pack charge, and is ideal for use in cutting openings for heating duct and plumbing, cabinet fitting, drywall fitting, cutting and sizing plywood or cutting duct openings in HVAC applications.

The STA 18 LTX features a low-lying saw blade support roller for exact blade guidance, a four-stage adjustable orbital blade stroke, and positive bevel cutting stops at 15, 30 and 45 degrees. The tool also includes Metabo’s Quick tool-less blade change system that saves time and energy when replacing blades, increasing productivity and lowering overall costs.??The jig saw can cut a maximum thickness of 5 5/16 inches in wood, 1 3/8 inches in non-ferrous metals and 10 gage inches in sheet metal.

MK Diamond Products Inc.

MK Diamond Products Inc.Torrance, Calif. 14-Inch Wet/Dry Cutting Masonry Saws

The MK-2000 Gas Series of masonry saws has been designed for high-production cutting. They are engineered to cut a variety of masonry types, including, cinder block, slump stone block, wall brick, pavers, brick, concrete block and cylinders, roofing tile, marble, granite, decorative rock or almost any other non-ferrous material. They are available with a Honda, Kohler or Subaru engine.

The MK-2000’s open-back design allows for material up to 16 inches long to be cut. The pull-down handle on the cutting head prevents operator fatigue and increases visibility during all cutting operations. Jig-welded, reinforced steel construction, combined with sturdy die-cast aluminum uprights, provides positive alignment. The MK-2000 is designed for use with a 14-inch diameter segmented wet or dry diamond blade with a .110- to .375-inch cutting width. The cutting head can be locked in the down position when cutting smaller pieces.

Park Industries

Park IndustriesSt. Cloud, Minn. Slice Thin Stone Veneer With TXS Series

Quickly transform full dimensional stone or brick into thin veneer using a TXS-2000 series saw from Park Industries. The small-footprint, versatile saws can transform brick, dimensional limestone, sandstone or granite into flat and 90-degree corners, economically. A powerful 30-horsepower Arbor drive motor efficiently moves stone through the saw blade. The rugged Siemens display screen with PLC control allows you to adjust conveyor speed. Another feature is the Belt Coordinated Amp control (BCA), which automatically places production in a cruise-control mode, reducing wear and tear on the blade.

All aspects of the TXS-2000 series machines have been designed with productivity in mind. The detachable shroud and blade cover make changing blades quick and easy, minimizing machine downtime and maximizing productivity. A return conveyor delivers cut pieces back to a single operator for efficient re-sawing or processing. The blade height can be adjusted easily for blade wear and for cutting 90-degree corners.


StihlVirginia Beach, Va. GS 461 Rock Boss

The GS 461 STIHL Rock Boss gives professionals a lightweight, handheld companion for deep cutting tasks. The STIHL Rock Boss is ideal for plunge cuts, shaping square corners and cutting concrete pipes in trenches, cinder blocks, masonry bricks, asphalt and soft stone. This concrete cutter provides power-to-weight ratio and is equipped with a powerful engine with low exhaust emissions and a 13,500-max rpm.

The GS 461 cuts up to a depth of 15.7 inches and is designed for superior handling and fast cutting throughout the RPM range during the toughest of tasks, like squaring out corners or cutting openings in pipes and culverts. The two chain-tensioner mounting holes allow the user to effectively increase the length of the guide bar to compensate for chain stretch. The side-access chain tensioner allows for easy tightening, loosening or changing of the 36 GBM Stihl diamond abrasive saw chain.

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