MMC Contractors Names Coppinger as President

Words: Dan KamysMMC Contractors Names Coppinger as President

MMC Contractors has named Dan Coppinger as president of MMC Contractors' Las Vegas office (MMC Contractors West Inc.). Coppinger will be responsible for business management and operations in the Las Vegas office as well as helping achieve overall strategic goals for the MMC Contractors nationwide brand.

"We're thrilled to have Dan as part of our team," says Tim Chadwick, COO. "His proven leadership in the Las Vegas community over the years??? and his in-depth experience in all levels of the mechanical contracting industry??? will provide many benefits to our valued partners."

Coppinger started his career as a sheet metal apprentice more than 30 years ago. From there, he moved up to foreman, superintendent, and then transitioned into management. After helping start the southwest division of Southland Industries in Las Vegas, he spent the last 10 years there as the VP and division manager.

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