Keene Building Products Celebrates 10 Years

Words: Dan KamysKeene Building Products Celebrates 10 Years
Keene Building Products tries to give a little back to everyone they do business with, finding solutions from a different angle than others. Solutions come by placing seemingly dissimilar things close to one another and looking for their synergy. Keene says it solves construction problems by incorporating a vast knowledge of building applications with a materials awareness. The company has many patents issued and more pending.
Keene says the backbone of America is small business. Small businesses can make decisions vastly different than large corporations. Since Keene is controlled collectively by a family, the company isn't looking for today's profit return. Instead, they are looking to the long run success of their operation. Keene says it isn't moving offshore to save a few pennies in labor and overhead; and they don't just make a product, they market it by understanding the place where materials are used. The folks at Keene have become experts in the field of use, while manufacturing the product.
People are the difference, says Keene, and the company has a special team of people who join for a challenge, who look for the next solution, and who aren't satisfied with the present solution, since there is always something better. Keene is working on the incremental difference, not trying to get the last penny and wants want to share the dollar with its customers, its people, and its charities.
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