Two Holcim (US) Facilities Celebrate Safety Milestones

Words: Dan KamysTwo Holcim (US) Facilities Celebrate Safety Milestones

Holcim (US), a manufacturer and supplier of cement and mineral components, says its Ste. Genevieve and Ada plants reached employee safety milestones in May and July. The Ste. Genevieve and Ada plants marked three and five years, respectively, without a lost time injury. A lost time injury is defined as an accident resulting in an injury that requires the employee to take time off.

“These milestones are more than a point of pride for us, they demonstrate employees living our safety culture every day”, says Bernard Terver, president and CEO of Holcim (US). “Our employees have shown great commitment to implementing our universal safety measures. We’re extremely proud of the results and look forward to continued excellence.”
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