Upgrades Improves Processes at EDCO

Words: Dan KamysUpgrades Improves Processes at EDCO
EDCO has upgraded its manufacturing process by incorporating both a Powder Coating system and Laser Fabricator. Switching from liquid paint to powder coating eliminates flaking, scratches and other common problems associated with traditional painting. Powder Coating gives products extra protection against daily wear as its more durable and environmentally friendly than liquid paint, says EDCO.

EDCO adds that laser fabrication helped the company significantly reduce manufacturing times - resulting in short order lead times and constant stocks of core products. Laser technology replaces outdated fabrication methods and assures correct part dimensions.
Four Different Types of Natural Stone Used For Masonry

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Advice to the Beginners

The best advice I could give anyone that is starting a career in masonry is that first and foremost, you must "know" yourself. What do you like to do? What would you like in a working environment? Do you like to be outside? Do you enjoy physical activity

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Masonry Safety Inspections

The look of confusion and utter loss on people’s faces when I tell them that I’m a safety inspector for a masonry company is often hilarious.

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Dave Jollay Announced as Third Inductee for MCAA 2024 Hall of Fame

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