June 2012: From the Editor

Words: Dan Kamys From the Editor

They say some cities have a heartbeat. I believe Washington, D.C., is one of those cities. When I visit D.C., I feel as if I am visiting an old friend. It’s a familiar place, but never stagnant. The monuments stay the same, but the city’s vibe changes from year to year. Of course, politics dictate a lot, connected to our economy and even bigger world issues.

Last month, members of the MCAA and many masonry industry professionals converged on our nation’s capital, and the vibe was, once again, different from the year before. This year, the air was thick with a feeling of hope that our industry is coming back. I can tell you, it’s a wonderful feeling. We all can breathe a little easier, knowing the construction industry’s heart is beating more briskly.

With the help of The Keelen Group and the enthusiasm of our industry key players, I am positive that masonry left a mark on The Hill this year. Any politician will tell you that a visit paid to your congressman’s office to voice your opinion on various bills (existing or proposed) that affect your industry truly is invaluable. Sitting down with an elected official puts you in the center of the decision-making process, which plays out through votes cast in the future. Our presence in Washington, D.C., matters.

Our industry makes me proud. We are serious about protecting the best interests of the mason contractor, and we walk the walk, every year, in D.C. I hope next year, you’ll join us to make a difference on The Hill.


In our May 2012 issue of Masonry, information about the 14" Northern Industrial Masonry Saw was incorrect. Following is the correct description of the product.

14Northern Tool + Equipment Burnsville, Minn.

14" Northern Industrial Masonry Saw The 14-inch Northern Industrial Masonry Saw from Northern Tool + Equipment is a portable, high-performance table saw that can be used for any standard masonry cutting on materials that include stone, concrete and brick. This saw has an 18.5-inch cutting length and a five-inch cutting depth. The Northern Industrial Masonry Saw features a 120-volt, 2.5-h.p. electric motor with a speed of 3,450 rpm, and has a no-load blade speed of 2,750 rpm for efficient, precise and effortless cutting. The motor has been designed with a thermal overload breaker. For portability and convenience, this product has a height-adjustable stand with wheels and an 11- X 19.5-inch table that allows for ample cutting space. It includes a pump kit ideal for wet cutting. The 14-inch blade is sold separately. This saw comes with a two-year limited warranty, and is a great investment for the professional mason, general contractor or DIY operator. www.northerntool.com

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