Cutting-Edge Saws

Words: Dan Kamys


As companies focus on efficiency, safety and ergonomics, the improved technology of today’s masonry construction saws continues to impress.

Year after year, I see new saws for the masonry construction field being revealed by companies of all sizes, and one thing always remains consistent. The R&D going into the process of improving the saws used on the jobsite yields incredibly high-performing pieces of machinery. And you, the mason contractor, are the beneficiary of all that engineering. Following is a roundup of a few of the masterful saws and saw accessories available to help you get your job done as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible.

MiterMaster Attachment AccuGlide Saws Atascadero, Calif.

MiterMaster Attachment MiterMaster System affixes your AccuGlide to the work piece for perfect edge-miter cuts. The rigid design ensures chip-free cuts not achievable by other rail saws or by hand cutting. If you have a project that requires precise and fast miter cuts, an AccuGlide with the MiterMaster Attachment is the answer. Applications include mitered edge profiles in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, stairs and furniture; mitered counters and bars for hotels, offices and restaurants; quirk miters for cladding, wainscot and columns; and set up on the jobsite for quick and chip-free quirk miters on interior and exterior building projects. Miter fixtures include two pieces, right and left, for use on square or rectangular stone pieces; a Miter Depth Stop that ensures fast, repeatable setups; a solid, dual-handle design and spring-release clamp system; and pre-calibration to 46 degrees for a tight seam, with room for bonder.

7 1/4” Circular Saw DeWALT Towson, Md.

7 1/4” Circular SawDeWALT’s completely redesigned 7.25-inch Circular Saw (DWE575), which weighs 8.8 pounds and measures 7.2 inches in width, is one of the lightest circular saws in its class. Despite its small size, the unit delivers plenty of power, with 1,950 MWO and 5,100 rpm. Thanks to an integrated dust blower that cleans the user’s line of sight before cutting and high-quality gears, the saw provides smooth cutting, high-quality performance. The saw also features a 57-degree bevel capacity, with 22.5- and 45-degree detents, and a 2 9/16-inch depth of cut capacity, which is best in class and allows for a variety of applications. Additional features include a ToughCord cord system that provides three times more resistance to cord pullouts compared to circular saws without a ToughCord system, a ball bearing lower guard and a heavy-duty aluminum shoe.

DSH 700 Handheld Gas Saw Hilti Tulsa, Okla.

DSH 700 Handheld Gas SawDesigned to incorporate high power for fast cutting speed and easy-to-remember starting procedure with simple controls, the Hilti DSH 700 Hand Held Gas Saw gives operators more productivity with less downtime. The Hilti DSH 700 performs well in a variety of construction materials, including cutting wet/dry concrete and asphalt for small repair projects, expansion joints and curbs, as well as bricks and concrete blocks for small floor or wall openings. It also excels in cutting metal deck, rebar, bolts dowel bars, grating and other metals. Built to enhance the operator’s experience, the isolated handles with metal springs minimize vibrations and maximize saw control. And, with a simple counter-clockwise starting procedure and a primer bulb for fewer pulls, starting the Hilti DSH 700 is easy. It also comes standard with a cyclone filtration system (no pre-filter) and simple rope replacement for easy maintenance and maximum durability.

A Machine That Cuts Dry or Wet Husqvarna Construction Products Olathe, Kan.

A Machine That Cuts Dry or WetHusqvarna Construction Products is striving constantly to develop equipment that helps operators get the most from his tools. With the introduction of two new attachments for the K3000 line of electric power cutters, the K3000 dust reducer and the WT 15 water tank, Husqvarna is doing more with less. The K3000 Dust Reducer easily attaches to the K 3000 Vac power cutter to minimize dust while sawing. Reducing dust creates a better working environment for the operator and the surrounding area, while shortening clean-up time. The K3000 Dust Reducer works exceptionally well on flat surfaces. When the Dust Reducer is detached, the unique blade guard features a hose attachment for a convenient way to cut wet. When a job calls for a switch between dry and wet cutting, the WT 15 water tank is a convenient tool to have on hand.

IQ360 Chop Saw IQ Power Tools Moreno Valley, Calif.

IQ360 Chop SawThe IQ360 is the world’s first masonry chop saw with a fully integrated dust collection system. Designed and built with the contractor’s personal safety in mind, the IQ360 creates a safer and cleaner work environment, compared to conventional saws. It removes 95.5 percent of deadly crystalline silica dust that can cause Silicosis, which is known to cause lung cancer, bronchitis, tuberculosis and scleroderma. At just 70 pounds, the IQ360 is lightweight, easy to transport, and ideal for cutting brick, stone, pavers and tile – inside or out. Compared to conventional wet saws, the IQ360 saves time and labor costs by reducing daily clean-up, on average, by 1 to 1.5 hours. IQ Power Tools is committed to creating intelligent power tools that help eliminate life-threatening risks and accidents that occur daily on construction job sites nationwide.

14” Power Cutter EK7301 Makita La Mirada, Calif.

14” Power Cutter EK7301Makita has released a new 14" Power Cutter, model EK7301. The EK7301 has a 4.5-cubic inch (73 cc) engine with 5.1 hp (maximum horsepower), and a no-load speed of 9,350 rpm, to take on the most demanding applications. The ignition coil with start-support function stores electrical power with each pull for easier start-ups. It's engineered for reduced flooding with a carburetor that includes improved deco-valve and metering spring for precise fuel regulation at start up. The EK7301 also features more efficient fuel consumption with an SLR muffler that recycles unburned fuel vapor for reduced scavenging-losses and 15 percent improved consumption. In addition to the power and performance, the EK7301 has a range of ease-of-use features. The starter grip and decompression valve are located on the same side for faster starting, while the on-off choke operating switch is on a single lever for operator convenience.

14" Northern Industrial Masonry Saw Northern Tool + Equipment Burnsville, Minn.

14The 14-inch Northern Industrial Masonry Saw from Northern Tool + Equipment, is a portable, high-performance table saw that can be used for any standard masonry cutting on materials that include stone, concrete and brick. This saw has an 18.5-inch cutting length and a five-inch cutting depth. The Northern Industrial Masonry Saw features a 120-volt, 2.5-h.p. electric motor with a speed of 3,450 rpm, and has a no-load blade speed of 2,750 rpm for efficient, precise and effortless cutting. The motor has been designed with a thermal overload breaker. For portability and convenience, this product has a height-adjustable stand with wheels and an 11- X 19.5-inch table that allows for ample cutting space. It includes a pump kit ideal for wet cutting. The 14-inch blade is sold separately. This saw comes with a two-year limited warranty, and is a great investment for the professional mason, general contractor or DIY operator.

TS 410 A (EWC) STIHL Cutquik Stihl Virginia Beach, Va.

TS 410 A (EWC) STIHL CutquikSTIHL’s Electronic Water Control (EWC) is offered on select STIHL Cutquik Cut-Off Machines. The TS 410 A (EWC) offers the user greater control over the flow of water to the cutting surface, providing superior performance during operation. A conveniently mounted keypad allows the operator to easily adjust the flow of water during use, and remembers the last setting that was used. The EWC stops the flow of water at idle speeds, and starts again automatically when the throttle is engaged. In addition to superior water control, the TS 410 A (EWC) has many other features designed with the user in mind. An anti-vibration system reduces vibration by 43 percent over previous models, providing maximum comfort with less fatigue. The lightweight and compact design improves maneuverability and balance. Powered by a fuel-efficient, low-exhaust engine, emissions are reduced up to 44 percent, and the large-capacity fuel tank can provide 20 percent longer run time.

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