October 2011: President's Message

Words: Dan Kamys President's Message Mackie BoundsThe Future Is Around the Corner

It is still very hot and dry here in Texas. As you have heard, wildfires are the news of the day, and then the rest of the news is about a guy named Rick Perry! One day, it will rain and cool off, and Texas, once again, will almost be heaven. I am preparing for my last Mid-Year Meeting as president of the MCAA. I think that means I am a lame duck, and I can start thinking about coming back to work at Brazos. Norma Jean tells me she has a giant list for me to start on soon, soooo?Ķ

Maybe John Smith will give me a little to do, and I can at least put this list off until January.

Tomorrow, I have the privilege to meet with some hard working committee chairs. I commend each one, as they have spent hours helping the executive board to move the organization forward. I can assure all members and the industry, as we move forward, that this organization has a vision that will make us a stronger industry and a better people.

You want examples? Here they are. MCAA will form a program that will certify mason contractors for building residential fireplaces. This past year, we worked on behalf of the entire industry and convinced our government we could do the job better than they could. We are obligated to follow through.

Our Education Committee will continue to give us means and methods of learning to become better business people and contractors. This will be done through webinars, round table discussions and classes taught by fellow contractors.

Our award program will become stronger as we involve architects, suppliers and contractors to submit their best of the best projects. Our Legislative Committee will remain on high alert and look out for what can hurt us. They will also promote what will help us as an industry.

MCAA’s Workforce Development Committee will work on ways to give us a stronger presence at VICA in high school programs around the country. Our apprentice program will change and become a better tool to use as we train for the future!

Our Marketing Committee will work on means and methods that will make us stronger with construction managers and design/build contractors. We will continue to work on Vision 20/20 to insure the success of our industry growing. Very soon, we will enable students, employees and residential contractors to become members of MCAA.

Safety programs will continue to grow, and will enable us with opportunities to become safer as individual companies!

The Technical Committee will always be looking out for our best interest and enable masonry to be easy to design with. Then there is South of 40! All I will say is to watch out and then move over, they are our future leaders.

Until next time, shoot for the moon and, even if you miss, you will land among the stars!

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