Creating a Website for Your Masonry Company

Words: Dan Kamys Creating a Website for Your Masonry Company


By Ron McArthur

Owning a masonry company is all about access to the right customers, the right leads and the right information that will help you excel in your sales. One of the most pivotal access points for buyers is a website that boasts a clean design, easy navigational layout and sharp, engaging content. With more than 200 million people around the country using the Internet, the right website is vital for any business’ success. An effective site can help a potential client decide if he or she wants to use your company or a competitor. Take some time to open up your earning potential this month with these Internet marketing tips provided by WSI president Ron McArthur.

1. Deal the Deals

It’s likely visitors to your website are looking for key pieces of information, such as the latest deals on brick or details on repair or restoration projects. Avoid information overload and keep the copy clean and concise. Also consider featuring your company’s promotions and specials prominently on the website. Think about what sets you apart from the competition???your customers want to find the ways that are going to save them the most money in the long run.

2. Take Things Personally

It’s important to shape a positive image of your brand through other people’s words. For instance, layering client reviews and testimonials can help paint a better picture of your company’s strengths. Other examples include creating a blog that will record interesting things happening within your business (remember to link the blog to your website). This will also give customers an opportunity to comment and provide feedback on what you’re doing. But ultimately, it will open doors for new business.

3. Virtuosity

Think “a brick is just a brick?” Think again. Many of your customers are savvy when it comes to the differences in choosing a brick. Instead of telling them about some of the products available, it’s important to show their differences graphically on the screen???especially if you are exclusively an online dealer. And if you operate out of a showroom, your customers will have a better idea of the services they are looking for before they even walk in the door, which saves everyone time and money.

4. Built to Last

Brick and stone build structures that are meant to last. That’s why the design of your website is imperative to the continued success of your business. Consider the color scheme and icons you use on your site. Are they reflective of the products you are selling? And when it comes to design, remember that simple is always best. Internet users are lazy, and they want their information to be easily accessible. Implement the one-click rule: With no more than one click of the mouse, your potential customer should be able to find what is needed.

5. Buzz it Up

Make sure your website is hooked into the Internet social circuit of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By linking it to as many social networking sites as possible, you’ll bring more traffic to your site and ultimately more clients. Of course no business is complete without its own Facebook and Twitter profile where you can feature all facets of your company. To really spread the word, consider visiting relevant blogs and posting comments along with a link to your site. Making sure your website is mobile phone compatible is also essential in the age of Internet 2.0.

6. Need for Speed

Nobody has time to wait around for clunky web pages to load. Your users want to know the deals available, the hours of operation and probably be on their way. Proper technical support is essential. Frequently check external links and make sure they are actually linking the reader to another site. Keep up to speed on industry buzz or new products available and update the content regularly. Engaging other masonry companies in the industry and attending annual conventions are a great way to keep your content sharp and speedy for users.


As a bricklayer, you may want to hire outside help for your website. Regardless, it’s important to hire a company that has the industry knowledge and marketing background to not only drive traffic to your site but convert visitors to customers. Once you’ve found the right fit, stay close to the source and heed their advice. Make sure they know the end result you want, but be adaptable and roll with the changes they might recommend. In the end, you may open more doors to success than ever before.

Ron McArthur is the president of WSI, a provider of digital marketing solutions to small- and medium-size businesses. He can be reached at 888-678-7588 or

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