U.S. Heritage Group Workshop Schedule Is Online

Words: Dan Kamys U.S. Heritage Group Workshop Schedule Is Online

U.S. Heritage Group Lime Mortar and Stone Restoration Workshops

2011 Workshop Schedule in now available online

Get a headstart on your next project by attending this one-day program session that will provide you with the knowledge you need to deliver quality workmanship every time.

You will learn:

Mortar Recipe Basics
Common Color Adjustments
Lime Putty Mortar Mixing
Proper Wall Preparation
Selecting Tools
Joint Surface Finishing
Creating a Weathered Look
Curing Methods
Stone Reconstruction
Cast Stone from Molds
Stone Carving Basics
Matching Limestone and Sandstone
Rockface & Ashlar Finishes
For more information, please visit our website www.usheritage.com
or call 773-286-2100.
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